iran salt factory

salt factory

Iran salt factory production of pink and white salt

Iran salt factory production of pink and white salt, Irani salt, Rock salt import from Iran, pink and red salt manufacturer. Export salt production plant, iodized salt production plant, export rock salt production plant, Garmsar industrial salt production plant, salt export to Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Oman, Afghanistan and India. Salt is one of the tools […]

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Edible salt

Edible salt factory in Iran

Edible salt factory in Iran, table salt and edible salt in 25 kg bag, purity 99.4 %, export to Iraq with iodine 60 ppm, Georgia with iodine 40 ppm. Selling all kinds of iodized and iodized recrystallized table salt, for export to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iraq, 25 kg bag, possibility of packing and placing […]

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