Salt bricks wholesale

Salt bricks wholesale and export from Iran, in cheap price, minimum quantity for order is 14000 qty.

Supply of all kinds of salt bricks, decorative salt stones with wooden base, decorative salt stones with verses and lights, salt bricks to build a salt room with a very amazing salt glue.

Salt in the world is divided into two categories, salt that comes from the sea and is mostly for food, another type of rock salt, which has a special application in human life. salt bricks is a type of rock salt, which has a specific shape and appearance. This article is about the supply of various types of cut rock salt and its uses, as well as about the sales market of this product in the country.

Salt bricks wholesale

Uses of cut rock salt

Unlike the salt that most of us are familiar with, we consume it daily, cut rock salt has different uses in human life. It is interesting to know that this type of stone is obtained from the country’s salt mines, it is cut by special machines. The use of cut rock salt is a few mornings that has become very popular among the people. By informing people about the properties of this type of stone, people’s interest in buying this product has increased. The uses of cut stone are as follows.

Used to make decorative items at home, this type of stone is used to make beautiful lampshades that use special energy-saving lamps to give a special light to your home. Another use for cut rock salt is to make decorative candles, which you can use to beautify your bedroom. Also, the cut salt stones that are used for decoration are often cut into cubes, because this shape gives a special beauty to the salt. Smaller cubes are used to make the salt chamber, which is used to treat people with problems.

Other uses for this type of product are its therapeutic properties, people with respiratory problems and seasonal allergies can put this type of stone in their room. The use of this stone is recommended to increase the body’s immune system and regulate the body’s glands. The use of this stone is used for peace of mind.

Salt bricks wholesale

Salt bricks wholesale

Garmsar is one of the cities that has a salt rock mine, Garmsar rock salt is one of the best examples of rock salt. The market for this type of stone is very prosperous due to the wide acceptance of people to buy this type of stone.

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Iran salt bricks wholesale supply and export

Salt bricks wholesale

To buy crystal rock salt, you can use the common methods in the market, ie using online stores. These stores are the choice of many people to buy a variety of salt stones with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

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