persian salt lamp

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Salt rock mines are among the mines that are very rare in the world and only in a few countries in the world, there are huge mines of this type of rock. Iran has one of the largest salt mines in the world, and in some cities of Iran, including Garmsar, there are large mines of this type of rock.

With the help of advanced equipment and devices, salt rock is extracted from these mines and sent to various factories and industries across the country. In this article, we try to provide explanations about the extraction and production of salt rock at your service, dear ones. Stay with us.

persian salt lamp

Where does rock salt come from?

The production of salt rock and its extraction from huge mines of this type of rock is done in different regions of the country. Usually, desert areas of the country, including Semnan province, have very large amounts of this type of rock and there are very large mines in the cities of this province that every year a huge amount of these reserves are extracted from the heart of the salt mountains of these cities and They are used in various applications.

persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp production center

There are many centers and productions in the country in the field of decorative rock salt production. Salt stones, due to their unique beauty, have always been considered by the industries that produce decorative products, and therefore, many products that work in the field of production of decorative products and equipment, try to buy different types. Different salt stones produce decorative salt stones.

For example, salt lampshades and statues are among the decorative products that use different types of salt stones in their production.

persian salt lamp

Garmsar and Isfahan rock salt production factory

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs of your service, dear ones, salt ore production and extraction factories are usually located in the central and desert regions of the country. Therefore, Semnan province is one of the provinces that are very active in the field of salt rock production in the country and to a large extent meet the needs of the country and in excess of the domestic needs, to different countries in the world, including the country Exported to neighboring countries as well as European countries.

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The products of Halito rock salt collection are sent to all neighboring countries.

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