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Wholesale and retail of Semnan blue salt, Persian blue salt wholesale, Persian blue salt price, Where to buy Persian blue salt.

Wholesale and retail of Semnan blue salt, Persian Blue salt, the possibility of monthly supply of Semnan blue salt between 2 to 5 tons, 25 kg package, retail sale of at least 2 kg, shipping throughout the country.

Wholesale Semnan blue rock salt

Semnan blue salt rock is a kind of blue salt rock that is extracted only in the mountains around Semnan city, Garmsar city. This rock salt is blue because it is rich in the mineral potassium.

Blue salt is extracted only in Iran and is mainly sold by various centers. Halito complex is one of the top centers for selling blue salt rock. Tests and analyzes performed in the laboratory on the blue salt rock presented in this collection, show a purity of sodium chloride above 99% in this rock rock.

blue salt

Properties of Semnan blue salt

Semnan blue salt, also known as Persian blue salt, has extensive properties that most people in our country are unaware of. But blue salt is widely used by foreign countries, especially European countries, as a flavoring for seafood. Semnan matte blue salt contains potassium, iron, zinc and calcium and has many benefits for the human body.

Semnan blue salt rock because it is rich in potassium, helps to control blood pressure. Lack of potassium in the body causes high blood pressure. Semnan matte blue salt is very useful for the vascular system and maintains blood pressure at normal levels. Another property of this salt is reducing the risk of stroke.

Consumption of this rare salt reduces muscle cramps. Muscle cramps are one of the side effects of low potassium in the body. Blue salt, as a rich source of potassium, can compensate for this deficiency.

Blue salt rock is very useful for the nervous system and is joyful and energizing. Semnan matte blue salt reduces anger and helps to treat depression significantly. Blue salt has strong anti-stress properties.

blue salt

Properties of blue rock salt

Blue crystal salt is actually the same as table salt, which has changed its color due to the presence of some substances such as silhouette, iron and potassium, and its color is completely natural. Large salt crystals have blue streaks in them, in fact these crystals are not completely blue, they are transparent and there are blue lines in them.

blue salt

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Blue rock salt , if crushed and pulverized, are fine-grained salts with a white to light blue matte color spectrum. Semnan blue salt rock, especially its crystal model is also used in home decoration and in many countries, it is used as a wound eye.

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