Globe salt lamp

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Rock salt spheres and in general various products made with rock salt, have received a lot of attention these days. Due to its different texture, this product emits light in the environment, so it can be used as a lampshade. These amazing spheres with their soft light, bring you beauty and peace. In the following, we will know everything about this product better.

Globe salt lamp

Benefits of rock salt for relaxation

If you are looking for the lost peace that modernity causes these days, we suggest you rock salt. By buying this product, you can have a piece of nature that removes negative energies from you by releasing ions. Exposure to negative ions reduces stress, regulates sleep, and restores overall calm.

Eye sores are one of the beliefs of most people from ancient times to the present day, which is caused by negative energies released from those around them. Rock salt keeps you away from sore eyes by eliminating these energies and creating a positive feeling. The emission of negative ions from this sphere and their scattering in the surrounding environment also causes concentration. These days we receive so much negative energy from the environment that we suffer from recurring headaches for no reason. This product has a great effect in reducing painful headaches. On the other hand, it can increase your level of awareness. Rock salt has all these effects by creating peace for you, so show it with a few arrows by buying it.

Globe salt lamp

Globe salt lamp wholesale

Halito rock Salt group with several workshops is the largest collection in this field in Iran. Halito accepts bulk orders for this product. Due to the good quality of Halito products, it has exported directly and indirectly to more than 10 countries. So safely bring peace and beauty to your homes and others.

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Globe salt lamp

Manufacturer of wooden base Globe salt lamp

Wooden salt rock ball, with a beautiful and extremely special appearance, is a unique choice for hardliners. You can also give this stylish product as a gift to your loved ones with a smile and comfort.

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To get acquainted with different decorative, ornamental and therapeutic products of Halito collection, we suggest you watch this video.

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