blue salt powder

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One of the best types of salts and rock salts is blue rock salt, which has a unique beauty, and in many cases, this type of rock salt is used. One of the best types of blue salts is Iranian blue salt, which due to its therapeutic properties as well as its many decorative uses, has many fans in different countries of the world and therefore has a high price.

The amount of this type of rock salt in the world is very small and only in some salt ore mines this type of salt can be found. In Garmsar mine, different types of salts can be found, of which blue salt is one of these salts.

blue salt powder

Where is the blue salt mine?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the amount of blue salt on the surface of the earth is very small. In Iran, Garmsar rock salt mine is one of the largest salt mines in Iran and the world, which has quality Iranian blue salt. Blue salt has a high amount of potassium, which can be used in the treatment of many diseases such as hypertension.

blue salt powder

How to consume blue salt

Blue salt is used in many different cases. One of the most important uses of this type of salt is to treat depression. Also, due to the unique beauty of this type of rock salt, its hand-picked and colorful type is very attractive for collectors.

Due to the fact that blue salt is rich in potassium, the potassium stored in it can be used to treat many diseases. Potassium is one of the elements needed by the human body that if its amount is reduced in the body, various diseases such as hypertension may occur to a person.

blue salt powder

Export of Iranian blue salt powder

Due to the fact that the amount of blue salt in the world is very small, so its price is higher than other types of rock salt. Iranian blue salt, which is extracted from salt rock mines in Garmsar and Semnan, is exported to different countries of the world, including European countries, and brings a very good currency for Iran.

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