Semnan Salt Factory

Purchase refined salt from Semnan Salt Factory, refined salt iodine, in 20 kg bag, monthly 350 tons, supply capacity to Iraq, Georgia and Armenia.

Buying recrystallized salt from Tehran Salt Factory, refined edible salt, one kilo packaging, 400 grams and 500 grams, selling bulk edible salt in 25 kilo bags, very exceptional price.

About Refined salt

In Tehran salt factory, two methods are used for salt purification. Recrystallization method and hydromill method. Salt naturally contains impurities and harmful substances, that’s why it needs to be purified. In the recrystallization method, the following steps are performed:

  1. Grind rock salt
  2. decay
  3. Purification and saturated solution
  4. Strain the salt solution
  5. Circulation and creating a supersaturated stage and removing sulfate ions
  6. Dehydration from salt
  7. Add iodine
  8. dry
  9. Silage and packaging

Semnan Salt Factory

The difference between recrystallization salt and hydromil

The best edible salt produced in Tehran Salt Factory is recrystallized iodized salt. Refined salt in the hydromill method and recrystallization have differences. In the recrystallization method, salt grains become transparent, white, regular and cube-shaped. These salts have a moisture content of less than 0.1 and have no soluble or insoluble impurities in water. The purity of recrystallization salts is 99.97%. Even after expiration, the grains of this salt remain non-sticky and retain their original shape.

In Tehran salt factory, it is customary to use the hydromill method for salt purification. In this method, the internal impurities between the salt crystals are removed using hydromill devices. In the hydromill method, salt purity and granulation can be adjusted, that’s why salt refined by this method is used in industries such as cheese production and oil well drilling. In the hydromill method, less electrical and thermal energy is used compared to recrystallized salt because the salt is purified based on the normal temperature of the environment. In the hydromill method, depreciation of machinery, water consumption, and as a result, the final price is lower than that of recrystallized salt.

Semnan Salt Factory

Purchased from Semnan Salt Factory

Tehran Salt Factory produces all kinds of industrial, edible and livestock salts. Most of the exported salts of Tehran Salt Factory are exported to Iraq, Armenia, Russia, etc.

Source: Halito rock salt company

Semnan Salt Factory

Finally, it should be said that two methods of hydromilling and recrystallization are used for salt purification in Tehran Salt Factory. The hydromill method is suitable for use in industries where the size of salt grains is important, such as drilling oil wells. On the other hand, iodized edible salt using the recrystallization method has better quality than hydromil salt.

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