grill salt block

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How to produce grilled rock salt

Grilled salt stone is a type of salt brick that is cut to different dimensions in the factory. Salt bricks are used for different purposes depending on their dimensions. Such as salt wall, salt room and cooking. Rock salt grills are usually produced in the dimensions of a pan.

To produce grilled rock salt, you must first choose rock salt that has sufficient strength and does not break or crumble due to heat. Then, he cut and polished the rock salt horizontally and rectangularly. Rock salt grills are produced in different colors such as pink, orange, red, white, streaked white and brown. These rock salts have different properties depending on their color. The variety of colors of the grill stones is due to the presence of different and diverse salt stones in nature.

grill salt block

Cooking method with rock salt

Cooking with rock salt grill is one of the newest cooking ideas in the world. This idea has been implemented in the world for about 8 years and it is more suitable for those who are interested in healthy food because in this method, not much oil and salt is used and only the food is grilled on it. Grill salt stone is usually used for grilling meat, fish, shrimp and chicken. In this method, the salt penetrates the food during slow heating and makes the food very salty.

grill salt block

Manufacturer of grill salt block

These days, the purchase of grill salt has attracted the attention of restaurants and homes. Flat rock salt has different prices depending on the quality, type and color. When buying, you should make sure that flat rock salt has edible properties and does not contain harmful impurities for the body. One of the characteristics of a flat rock salt is to be colorful, well polished, high purity and not too heavy.

grill salt block

Finally, it should be said that grill salt rock is a new idea in cooking. In Iran, due to the existence of various mines, it is possible to produce flat rock salt in different dimensions and colors.

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