salt block for cooking

Where to buy Iran salt block for cooking, salt block 20*40*5 cm and 20*30*5 cm, largest salt block manufacturer in Iran, Koohzarane pars bishapoor Co

Direct supply of flat rock salt in Tehran, a major manufacturer of flat rock salt and salt rock for cooking, salt rock meat board with dimensions of 20 x 40, thickness 5 cm.

Garmsar flat salt rock is very interesting because of its many features. This rock salt has many benefits due to its ionic structure and has substances such as chlorine and sodium. In most stylish and luxurious restaurants, this flat rock salt is used to cook various seafood dishes, red meat as well as various desserts. Direct supply of flat rock salt in Garmsar is possible in different ways because it is without intermediaries and has a favorable price.

salt block for cooking

Salt block for cooking

As you know, flat rock salt makes the taste of food special and pleasant, and because it has different types, it has many buyers and people use it in restaurants to keep their customers who think about their health and well-being. Slowly In the continuation of this article, we will explain the uses of flat rock salts, which are:

  • One of the most important things you can use this flat rock salt is for a variety of seafood such as fish, shrimp and crabs, which in addition to astringent the taste of these foods cause minerals such as copper, magnesium, potassium and manganese It also transmits a lot of benefits to the body.
  • This flat rock is also useful for cases that have more cooking time, such as red gut. This rock rock is heated and eliminates the negative energy around it and causes positive energy in people, so that this rock rock It also does energy therapy.
  • This flat stone is also used for a variety of salads and desserts, and has benefits such as cleansing the environment and stimulating the gonads, cleansing the heart and overcoming emotional traumas, as well as physical cleansing.
  • Because germs and bacteria do not remain on it at all, you can easily use it for any purpose. Bulk salt rock gives the real taste of food as well as easier digestion of food.

salt block for cooking

Sell ​​flat rock salt at a reasonable price

It is possible to sell flat rock salt at a reasonable price in different ways because this rock bulk salt has a lower price, but its efficiency is not different from other rocks at all. This rock salt is sold directly and you can easily use it without intermediaries and brokers.

salt block for cooking

Supply of rock salt is possible through the following site. Buyers can buy and buy this flat rock salt without intermediaries and brokers at a very reasonable price. Flat rock salt is selling well because people today value their health.

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