Refined salt

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Salt is one of the most valuable minerals that is produced in different ways. The method of salt extraction is that they first take out the salt from the mines with special devices. Then they take it to the factory and transform it into different forms. Each form of rock salt has specific uses. Hydromil salt is one of the methods of salt production that is widely accepted in different countries today.

What is hydromil salt?

You may have heard the name of hydromil salt. In fact, hydromill is the name of the method according to which salt is produced. It is interesting to know that the hydromill method is a method that requires less fossil fuels than other methods. For this reason, it is nicknamed the “green method”. But how do they produce hydromil salt?

It should be mentioned that the substance that plays a role in the production of this type of salt is the evaporative type of mountain salt. In fact, all its impurities are removed by water and some physical methods, and it gives a result equal to 99.2% pure salt.

This method includes many points. Reasonable price, diversity of granularity and coverage of customers’ needs are among the advantages of the hydromill method. Hydromil salt is produced in iodized and non-iodized packages of 400 grams, half kilo, one kilo and 20 kilos, and they are exported to different countries.

Refined salt

Salt production factory

There are many salt factories in the world. One of the most famous of these factories is in Garmsar city, Semnan province. Hydromilled salt is also produced in Garmsar. In fact, the factories in Garmsar and other cities of Semnan take great steps towards health by producing table salt in different ways. Salt is actually a spice to add flavor to everyday foods. Food salt factories always try to use modern tools and machines to produce the best and most useful salt for food and daily use.

Refined salt

Wholesale of refined salt

Refined salt is one of the most widely used salts that we all use in our daily life. If your salt consumption is high, buying refined salt in bulk is always recommended by the Ministry of Health.

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Refined salt

Halito Group offers many services, including the wholesale sale of quality salt. Of course, note that excessive consumption of salt has many side effects and disadvantages, and buying it in bulk is only suitable for those who are in the business of selling spices or need it for food in restaurants. Just contact our experts and they will give you advice on the bulk purchase of salt, especially hydromil salt.

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