Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt supplier capacity monthly 200 container, Orange, pink, red and white rock salt, in jumbo bag, delivery at Mundra and jnpt port, astrakhan port, sardasht, suwaiq oman.

Mineral salt sales center, daily price of mineral salt stone, animal salt stone, blue salt stone, edible salt stone, glass crystalline salt stone, pink, orange and red salt stone for export.

Salt is one of the main food seasonings and various substances and without it no food will taste bad, one of the best types of salt on the market is mineral salt or sea salt.

The mineral salt sales center in the country packs the best type of salt in the country in cloth bags, which usually weigh between 500 grams and one and a half kilograms.

Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt supplier

Consumption of mineral salt has many benefits for the body in terms of Islamic medicine, so its consumption is highly recommended.

One of the unique benefits of this type of salt for the body is cleansing the body of all kinds of germs and bacteria, so that it can destroy bacteria from the oral cavity to the anus and prevent infectious diseases.

It can even be used to disinfect a variety of raw vegetables, which is the best alternative to chemical detergents.

Mineral salt contains important elements such as magnesium that prevent nerve weakness and can balance the secretion of a hormone involved in depression called serotonin to prevent neurological diseases.

Mineral salt contains the element zinc or zinc, which is very effective for the health of the skin, hair and nails, and its consumption can eliminate hair loss by strengthening the hair roots, on the other hand, it also eliminates the fragility of nails. And makes nails strong and beautiful.

It contains the element copper, which is effective in lubricating blood flow, and its deficiency can have irreversible effects on the body, such as causing clots and heart attacks.

Iodine is another element needed by the body, which is very essential for the thyroid gland, and its deficiency leads to hyperthyroidism and eventually goiter, and therefore the consumption of mineral salts containing iodine is necessary for all members of society.

Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt exporter

These days, many people prefer to use the natural and mineral type instead of the refined industrial salts, which have lost all their salts.

To prepare the original mineral salt rock, contact Halito group so that your orders can be loaded from the mine to all parts in the fastest time.

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Export Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt

Halito Group as the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, the possibility of exporting rock salt with special licenses and the possibility of delivery in the destination country sends all products to the destination with the lowest sea and land shipping rates.

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