Iran pink salt

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Semnan pink salt export market, pink salt mine is located in Iran and Pakistan, Halito salt rock group is the supplier and producer of most of the pink and orange salt exported by Iran, to export this product and get your order, please contact our experts.

Semnan pink salt is a kind of rock salt that is named with this name for some reason. This special salt, which has a pink color, is highly regarded and has many fans. Elements such as sodium (with a percentage of over 90%) as well as potassium, magnesium and calcium have made this salt a popular product. Having such elements has caused the pink color in this salt.

Semnan pink salt is very similar to normal salt and the presence of sodium element is the similarity of these two salts.

The reason for the presence of pink color in salt

This salt has turned pink for many reasons. This salt color has many benefits. Among the benefits of this salt color, we can mention regulating blood sugar, improving food digestion, treating respiratory problems, rejuvenating the skin, preventing dehydration, eliminating toxins from the body, treating depression, etc.

Iran pink salt

The difference between the pink salt of Iran and Pakistan

Iran is one of the first ten countries in terms of mineral reserves. Meanwhile, 7% of the world’s mineral reserves have been allocated to it. In terms of quality and purity, Iran’s salt is higher than that of Pakistan, and this issue has been registered based on the tests conducted. Iranian salt is better than Pakistani salt and has a higher rank.

The pink salt of Semnan has a warm character, and this salt has zero calories. This salt is very effective in regulating body water and weight loss in Iran. This salt is found in the Himalayan mountains and from the Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt has been imported from this country for many years.

The clearer this salt is, the higher its quality. This product is available in different sizes in the form of granules and powder.

Iran pink salt

Iran pink salt export

The most important pink salt mine in Iran is located in the city of Garmsar, Semnan. In the past, only Pakistan was the exporter of this salt, but today our country is one of the exporters of this salt. Countries including North America and Europe consume the most of this salt.

Iran pink salt

To buy this valuable product, make sure to buy from reputable centers or sites. Because some profiteers mix it with common salt and deliver it to consumers. Since the taste of the two is similar to each other, few people notice its impurity.

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