industrial salt

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The export of industrial salt is done by countries that have huge mines of this type of stone. Countries such as Iran and Pakistan, which have many salt mountains in their country, are known as the main exporters of this type of mineral. After the salt rock was extracted from the salt rock mines in different parts of the country, this rock salt is sent to various factories across the country to be processed and industrial salt as well as table salt is obtained from it. Use it for various purposes.

Of course, industrial salt can also be obtained from seas and salt lakes. The main difference between industrial salt and table salt is that the percentage of purity of table salt is much higher than the percentage of purity of industrial salt. Edible salt has a purity of more than 90%. However, in the case of industrial salt, this amount is much lower. In this article, we will talk more about the export of industrial salt and the applications of this type of salt.

industrial salt

How to extract salt from mines

Salt is extracted from the mines in the form of rock salt and after extraction is sent to processing factories. Industrial salt has many applications in various industries. For example, in industries such as tanning industries, various types of acids, industries producing different types of acids, water and wastewater treatment, etc., industrial salt is used.

industrial salt

Industrial salt production

Industrial salt, unlike table salt, does not have a high percentage of purity and may contain other minerals. Therefore, it can not be used as table salt because it may cause kidney stones and cause various diseases in humans. Industrial salt is actually called rock salt powder that has not been completely refined and is not suitable for oral consumption.

industrial salt

Export of industrial salt to Oman

Industrial salt, which is produced in factories producing this type of salt in Iran, is exported to different countries of the world. Various Asian and European countries have always been buyers of Iranian industrial salt. The high quality of Iran’s export salt is the reason for this.

Iraq, as one of Iran’s neighbors, has always been a buyer of Iranian industrial salt, and a huge amount of salt and rock salt produced by Iran, is exported to this country every year.

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