industrial salt

Industrial salt factory in Iran daily price, industrial salt supplier, export industrial salt to Iraq, Russia, India in 25 kg bag.

Sale of the latest industrial salt for daily production, powdered salt, sugar salt, pea and fishery salt, oyster salt with 25 and 40 kg packaging, major industrial salt production, for information on the daily price of industrial salt, call, minimum order 10 tons.

The sale of the latest industrial salt is experiencing an increasing trend, considering the price of industrial salt, which has been set fairly and balanced by reputable units. This salt is considered by many industries as one of the main and most important raw materials in the production of required materials, which of course is possible by referring to active centers in terms of the Internet in a great way.

industrial salt

Industrial salt production

One of the minerals available in the market is salt, the constituents of which are not complex substances. Sodium as the main substance and chlorine are two important and valuable substances in this regard. In fact, its scientific name is sodium chloride, which is available in different types in the market.
One of the most important of these is industrial salt. An important feature of this material is its lower purity, which is at a lower level compared to table salt.

To better understand the purity of industrial salt, we can say that if we know this number in edible salt more than 99 percent or more precisely 2.99 percent, in industrial salt, which of course is not used orally, it falls below 95 percent. .
This salt is not iodized and, as its name suggests, is used in industrial applications. The reason for the difference between food and industrial samples is the passage of food samples through the stages of purification and refining, which will lead to its health, and in this case, eating it will not poison our body. A stage that is not passed in industrial salt and as a result eating it is dangerous to health.
Instead, its applications can be seen in the industries of detergent or hygiene products, water and wastewater, acid production, tanning industry, etc.

industrial salt

Industrial salt prices

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Powdered salt per ton 13 $ at factory


Export of Garmsar industrial salts

Our country Iran has many mineral resources for the production and preparation of salt. As a result, it can be boldly classified as one of the top countries in this field.

industrial salt

Halito rock salt group, in some parts of our country, launches its activities with the aim of producing quality and appropriate salt, and to achieve this goal, offers efforts in this direction.
Utilizing the up-to-date knowledge and expertise of people who are experts in this field and have years of experience, Namak Industrial Company has been able to introduce its name as a top supplier in this sector and the satisfaction of many industries and jobs in its record of success. Have.

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