industrial rock salt

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Industrial salt rock prices

Salt rock is one of the most important and widely used rocks in nature that its food sources exist only in a few specific countries and many countries in the world do not have the resources of this stone, but its industrial sample is usually in most places. The world can be extracted.

Iran and Pakistan are the largest holders of rock salt in Asia, and the surrounding countries often meet their needs through these two countries, which have abundant sources of rock salt.

The price of industrial rock salt is very important for the high sales of this rock. Due to the fact that salt rock in Iran is of high quality, it is natural that many countries, including the Persian Gulf countries, seek to import and use industrial rock rock. To be.

Obviously, the more suitable the industrial salt rock produced in the country for sale to different countries of the world, the number of buyer countries will increase. Of course, the type of packaging and the quality of the product are also the main factors in this regard.

Industrial salt is important in many cases, including applications and benefits of industrial salt, its use in:

  • Production of chemical products
  • Used in the production of decorative products such as salt rock bedside lamps and salt statues

Has caused the use of this type of stone in the world to grow significantly.

industrial rock salt

Familiarity with industrial rock salt

As mentioned above, salt rock is one of the most widely used types of minerals in the earth’s crust, which has many applications that have led to an increase in the use of this rock in different countries of the world.

Salt rock has different colors that depending on the type of minerals and elements in its structure can be seen in different colors, for example, red, orange, blue, pink, etc. are among the colors. Which appear as a result of the presence of various elements in industrial rock salt.

The price of rock salt also depends on the color of the rock rock, for example, the blue color of the rock rock, which is due to the presence of the element potassium in it, and has a very high price due to its scarcity.

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Blue salt rock exists only in Iran and Iran is the only exporter of this type of rock salt and this type of rock in the country Other are not found or are rarely found occasionally.

industrial rock salt

Application of industrial salt

Industrial salt has been considered by many countries in the world due to its many applications. Use salt as:

  • Rock salt animal feed
  • Used as ornamental salt stones and salt statues
  • Use rock salt to build salt rooms
  • Resin hardener and water purifier
  • Dyeing and gardening
  • Freezing
  • Drying fish
  • Production of all foods

And … is one of the applications of this type of rock salt.

You should know that the use of rock salt to solve the hardness of water is one of the most important uses of rock salt around the world and many stones are used in this area.

Hard water is water that has a high amount of ions and cations such as calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not widely used in industry and its hardness must be reduced in order to use it. One of the most important applications of rock salt is that it can be used in hardening devices and in salt tanks and reduce the hardness of water by it.

industrial rock salt

Buy Semnan rock salt from mine

One of the provinces of Iran that has many salt rock mines is Semnan province and Semnan city and Garmsar city are among the cities in this province in which the salt rock mine is very famous and these salt rock mines are Meets the needs of the country as well as other countries of the world.

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industrial rock salt

The difference between edible and industrial rock salt

Salt rock, which is used as edible salt rock and is used for animal feed as well as food salt production for humans, should not contain heavy and toxic elements that are harmful to human and animal health, so it can not be made from stone. Mineral salt was used directly for use as table salt.

Of course, not all rock salts are the same, and in this regard, 3 very exceptional types of rock salt are exploited by Halito collection, which are:

  • Blue salt rock
  • Crystalline rock salt
  • High quality white rock salt

These 3 types of rock salt are very rare and have a much higher price than other rock salts, and on the other hand, their purity is even higher than refined edible salt.

industrial rock salt

Wholesale of refined salt

Refined recrystallized salt has a very high value in the export market because it has the highest percentage of purity among all types of salt.

Halito Rock salt group offers refined edible salt with a minimum purity of 99.2% and a maximum of 99.8%, which is a very amazing figure for its customers in 20 and 25 kg bags.

industrial rock salt

Price of industrial salt rock mining door

Type of rock salt Price per ton
High edible salt rock 320000
First class edible salt rock 230000
White animal salt rock 195000
Veined rock salt rock 95000

Visit this page to know the daily price of rock salt .

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