White Rock Salt

White rock salt is a natural and irregular salt that contains large crystals with mineral impurities. Sometimes impurities stain the salt. For example, natural salt is available in white, pink, red and black.

High Quality White Rock Salt Features

Features of rock salt:

Rock salt are made with great precision and elegance, so that they retain their beauty. The materials and salts in them make these stones unique. For example, iron and manganese produce red, orange, and yellow streaks, respectively. As a result, no saltstone is as good as the other. According to experiments, children with sedentary lifestyle are gradually exposed to the luminous crystals for a week after exposure. Their problem is solved and after removing the bright crystals, the sedentary state returns to them.

White Rock Salt

Other properties of these stones include improving respiratory and lung problems, improving the quality of sleep at night, creating relaxation, reducing stress, clearing the air of the house and repelling the negative waves of the environment and people.

Other white rock salt benefits in the home include the elimination of negative energies and, consequently, the creation of a greater sense of strength and energy in individuals, which is achieved due to the increase in the number of negative ions.

Improving the quality of sleep at night

Excessive exposure to the positive ions in the lead leads to decreased blood flow and decreased oxygen levels in the brain, resulting in irregular sleep patterns, so using salt at home reduces the positive ions in the air to improve sleep quality. Helps at night.

White Rock Salt

White Rock Salt Producers

salt suppliers in Iran:The UK Geological Survey said in its latest global report that salt producers in 2020 were 264 million tons, with the United Kingdom ranking fourth with 53 million tons.

Introducing halito rock salt group

Halito rock salt group based in Iran garmsar and it is biggest and largest supplier for rock salt in iran and the ability to provide monthly 5000 tons rock salt in jumbo bag or in bulk(no bag).

As we can see, rock salt is found in every home these days. Some people know its properties and some people follow them to use rock salt. What is rock salt?

One of the things that salt is made of is rock salt, or sodium chloride, whose attractive appearance and glassy luster have attracted attention. The color of this stone varies depending on the impurities that may be inside the crystal. For example, the presence of salts such as iron leaves red streaks on the salt crystal.

White Rock Salt

Among the mineral rocks, rocks that have an atomic electrical structure are rarely seen, and these rocks are of great value due to their rarity.

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