Salt block for cooking

Manufacturer of Salt block for cooking, dimension 20*40*5 cm, 15*25*5 cm, minimum order is 500 QTY, biggest rock salt factory in Iran.

Supply of cooking salt stones in the dimensions of 20 * 40 and 15 * 25 with a thickness of 5 cm, suitable for cooking and cooking diet foods, wholesale sale, minimum order of 10 salt stones.

Types of cooking salt stones are produced in different dimensions, sizes and colors, each of which has unique characteristics. The supply of cooking rock salt is done in large quantities today. Because this stone has attracted a lot of applicants due to its unique properties.

Salt block for cooking

Cooking food with rock salt

Salt rock is a rock that is composed of salt crystals and since the salts in it are natural, they have unique properties and characteristics that are effective in health and treatment of many diseases.

For this reason, manufacturers active in the stone industry have produced salt stones in the form of polished and rectangular plates, which are marketed under the name of rock salt or cooking rock salt.

In fact, cooking rock salt is a polished plate made of salt on which various foods such as meat, chicken, etc. can be cooked. This stone is of interest to those who intend to cook food with the least amount of salt and oil to eat the healthiest food.

In fact, cooking food with cooking rock salt causes all the properties and elements in rock salt to be injected into food during cooking, and the unique properties of rock salt reach the body through food.

Many people with sodium deficiency can make up for their sodium deficiency by cooking and cooking on rock salt. Because there is a significant amount of sodium in the structure of rock salt, by cooking food on this rock, a lot of sodium can be injected into food.

Wholesale Salt block for cooking

Salt rock is sold in different ways, one of which is its bulk sale. The bulk sale of cooking rock salt causes the price of this product to drop significantly.

Salt block for cooking

Therefore, this type of sale is always considered by buyers who need the bulk of it. In fact, the major buyers of table salt are suppliers who supply the stone individually to their customers. By buying in bulk, they try to make the costs affordable for them so that they can offer more reasonable prices to their customers.

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