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All kinds of salt rock for export

Iran is one of the countries that has many salt mines and salt lakes, and this has made it one of the most important countries in the world in salt production. The existence of these mines has made Iran needless to import salt and various trading companies export salt.

Iran’s export rock salts have a very high diversity, one of the reasons is the high diversity of salt mines in Iran. On the other hand, rock salt producers in Iran produce rock salts in different types such as decorative salts, powdered salts, salt tablets, sugar salts, pea salts, etc.

Iran edible salt

Iran edible salt

Refined edible salt is the most important and basic product produced from rock salts extracted from mines, which is produced in different ways. Recrystallization is one of the best and most standard methods of salt production in Iran. In the past decades, table salts were marketed in yellow bags that also had enough iodine but were not approved by the Ministry of Health due to high salt impurities.

Mineral salts contain impurities and heavy elements such as lead and mercury, which in the past decades, without removing these impurities, edible salts were produced and marketed in yellow bags. Due to the many problems that led to the consumption of these salts; The production of table salt by modern methods approved by the Ministry of Health became popular. At present, Iran has made progress in the production of table salt and also exports table salt to some neighboring countries.

Iran edible salt

Salt exports to Iraq

Iraq is one of the countries that buys Iranian salt in bulk; However, compared to salt production in Iran, the amount of salt exports to Iraq and other Asian countries is low. Lack of proper infrastructure for exports is one of the reasons for not exporting much to Iraq.

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Iran edible salt

If the infrastructure is provided and export laws are harmonized between the two countries; You can export a lot of salt. Despite the fact that Iran has the ability to produce refined salt, a huge volume of its exports is related to rock salt, which can be exported with more extensive, more and more efficient production of refined salt and bring more currency into the country.

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