Export Salt lamp

Export Salt lamp from Irani manufacturer, Very reasonable price, very amazing handicrafts of Iranian artists.

Benefits of salt lamp

Today, rock salt is widely used because of its tremendous benefits and effects, and its production and sales are booming.

That’s why in every home and workplace, the presence of rock salt bedside lamps as a decorative object that beautifies the environment is expanding.

Some use rock salt for beauty, others use it to ward off sore eyes, and others use it to ward off negative energy.

In many cases, the healing effects of rock salt have been proven, so it is emphasized that even if you think you do not need salt rock, be sure to have a piece of rock salt in your home, and how much better it is that this rock salt is cut in a very beautiful way.

Export Salt lamp

How to produce rock salt decor

How to make decorative salt rock is that the salt stones that are extracted from the mines, some of which are smaller, can be cut, so they are transferred to the workshop to be divided into smaller pieces.

The final product always determines the type of salt rock, for example, if the goal is to produce salt bricks, it is not possible to use small pieces of rock salt, so you should pay attention to this issue when buying salt stone for the workshop.

Export Salt lamp

Decor Salt lamp Sale Center

Having a rock salt bedside lamp in your bedroom or next to your bed will give you a good night’s sleep.

It is very useful for the body due to the special vibrations that are emitted from the rock salt and due to the negative ions that come out of these vibrations.

Due to the proliferation of electronic devices and equipment around us, it is almost impossible to find a space that is not surrounded by positive ions, so the recent requirement for the presence of rock salt in all environments in which humans are present has a very colorful role.

Export Salt lamp

The largest producer of salt bricks

Today, with the expansion of the use of salt walls in all personal and commercial environments, salt brick plays a key role in the construction of these therapeutic walls, which plays a very important role in eliminating viruses and cleaning the environment.

Halito Salt Stone Collection is the largest producer of salt bricks in Iran, which produces these salt molds in the following dimensions:

  • 10 * 15 * 3
  • 10 * 20 * 3
  • 10 * 10 * 3
  • 5 * 18 * 3

It should be noted that the dimensions mentioned are the most widely used sizes of salt bricks in the world, which are offered by the Halito Group at a very exceptional price.

Export Salt lamp

Export Salt lamp

With the help of Halito salt lamp, you can easily bring peace to your urroundings and be safe from mental illness.

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Export Salt lamp

Sending orders to Tehran is done quickly and with high priority, and on the other hand, you can compare the prices offered by Halito group with market prices.

Note that despite the different viruses in the air, the presence of a salt wall or at least a sufficient amount of rock salt in any environment is a requirement, and you can easily make the most of the ability to absorb airborne droplets that are specific to rock salt. take.

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