Export rock salt

Export rock salt from Iran and delivery to destination , 50 kg package and jumbo bag, red, pink and orange rock salt, high quality white and crystalline rock salt with purity higher than 99.5%.

Familiarity with mineral rock salt

Due to its high properties, mineral salt rock has various uses. Oral type of rock salt is used in the kitchen as a flavoring, rock salt soap is used for bathing and massage as a pain reliever and disinfectant and sedative.

Ore rock is called the mineral sodium and chloride, and when it contains different salts, this difference in internal salts appears in the outer surface of the rock, and we see different types of blue, orange, red and pink rock salts.

One of the interesting features of rock salt is that due to sunlight, it begins to scatter its unique properties in space due to its radiant crystals, and the idea of ​​making decorative rock salt and rock salt bedside lamp originated from here.

Export rock salt

Iran mine rock salt

Garmsar is one of the cities of Semnan province where there are 27 salt mines with different degrees of purity and different types of salt stones with different degrees of purity and different prices are extracted. Of course, some salt mines are more tourism and usually Tourist tours are welcome.

A large part of the salt in this area belongs to table salt, which due to its high percentage of purity, many factories buy its salt. A smaller portion of the salt, which is substandard salt, is used to prevent the surfaces from freezing in the cold seasons of the year.

Export rock salt

Rock salt for livestock

The use of rock salt for livestock has many benefits that we will discuss below. Lack of salt in the diet of livestock causes sudden attacks and brain damage in the animal and weight loss, as well as reducing infertility in them.

From the properties and benefits of mineral salt rock can be

  • Adjust the volume of fluids in the body of livestock and poultry
  • Better absorption of amino acids
  • Helps strengthen the nervous system in livestock
  • Salt increases the weight and lactation of livestock and helps them grow better

Export rock salt

Properties of rock salt soap

The use of halite or rock salt in bath water is very pleasant and its healing properties cause relaxation while bathing.

For this purpose, pour some salt rock soap in the bath water and use it to clean and disinfect yourself.

Rock salt soaps are also used in massage parlors and hairdressers because they have detoxifying properties, relieve muscle pain and reduce stress, and help improve heart function.

Export rock salt

Sell ​​edible rock salt

Ore salt is very suitable for food use, which is known as table salt, and table salt is also used in the composition of spices.

The price of table salt varies according to its quality and type, and its sale is offered both in small packages and in bulk in salt sales centers.

Halito rock salt collection offers edible salt only in 20 and 25 kg bags

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Blue rock salts are less commonly found in the market and are much more expensive than other rock salts.

Export rock salt

Sea salt is better or rock salt

An old question that is always repeated, it is not bad to mention it again at the end of the past and in traditional medicine, ore salt was preferred to sea salt for treatment.

The main reason for this is the internal warmth and high purity of mountain salt, because sea salt is inherently moisturizing and is not very good for temperament and stomach.

Let us end with just one example: India is the third largest country in the world in the production of sea salt, but it is the largest importer of rock salt because they are aware of the much superior advantage of rock salt compared to sea salt, and it is interesting to know The same is true of China and the United States.

Export rock salt

Export of Garmsar mineral rock salt

As you are somewhat familiar with mineral salt rock regarding its export, you should also know that the method of loading at the origin and customs is very important and non-observance of the correct principles of loading leads to many financial losses.

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Supply Rock salt from Iran

Export rock salt

Halito rock salt collection as the largest supplier and exporter of salt rock in Iran with many years of experience in sending rock salt to different countries always packages and sends salt rock exactly according to the customer’s request.

On the other hand, offering the lowest sea and land transportation rates is one of the important services of Halito for its customers.

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