export rock salt

Center of export rock salt to Iraq, red rock salt, orange rock salt, white rock salt, edible salt with iodine 60 ppm.

Major salt stone export center to Iraq, white salt stone with purity of 9.5%, resin regenerator and water purifier, recrystallized table salt with minimum purity of 99.2% with iodine 40 and 60.

Exporting salt to Iraq is one way of generating income for Iranian traders. Since Iran has many rock salt mines, it has many major customers among its surrounding countries, including Iraq, and Iran is one of the most important centers for salt rock exports in the Middle East.

export rock salt

Specifications of rock salt types

Salt is one of the most important natural materials that has many applications in industry and medicine and treatment and food that is obtained from crushing salt stones.

Pure and natural rock salt is a rich source of minerals that sometimes profiteers in this field also turn to the production of counterfeit types and send crude stones to the market. In the extraction of rock salt, we are faced with its different colors and shapes, such as

  • Clear crystal rock salt, which is mostly used as table salt
  • Blue salt rock
  • Pink salt rock
  • Red salt rock
  • Orange salt rock

This color change is due to the presence and absorption of certain minerals that have caused the stone to tend to its color.

Each of these stones has its own unique and useful properties, for example, orange salt crystals are very helpful in the better functioning of the pancreas in the body, and red crystals speed up blood flow in the body, or white crystals that They have cleansing and disinfecting properties. For this reason, it is used to prevent decay and disinfect materials and foods.

Another characteristic of salt rock and the uses of these beautiful colored crystals is that it is used as a decorative stone in different places, because they have both beauty and positive energies that can affect those around them. To be.

export rock salt

Major exporter of natural rock salt to Iraq

For many years, Iranian traders in the field of rock salt have been major exports to Iraq and among the countries around Iran has the largest export of natural rock salt to Iraq, one of the reasons is the existence of many mines and high extraction of this product in Iran. is .

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Edible salt supplier

Another reason for this buying and selling is the value of the currency, because the Iraqi dinar has a higher value than the Iranian currency for traders can be more profitable than selling salt in Iran, and this has led to more pure and natural salt. Iranian mines to be exported to other countries.

export rock salt

Exporting table salt to Iraq is one of the most difficult tasks that requires great care, and sending cargo to any part of Iraq must have a special standard, so in this regard, it is better to contact our consultants before doing the work and benefit from free consultation. Be strong.

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