Blue rock salt

Blue rock salt price in iran,, Garmsar blue rock salt is the purest and rarest type of blue rock salt in the world, which is found only in the mines of this city. Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of blue salt rock of Garmsar origin in Iran.

Blue salt rock is one of the types of products, which is the same as table salt or food, which has changed its color due to special weather conditions, pressure and humidity, and the presence of certain minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium. The price of this rock salt in Iran varies depending on its quality and crystallinity.

Blue rock salt

Properties of blue salt rock in the house

One of the types of rock salt is blue salt rock, the blue color of these crystals is naturally and completely original, and its large crystals have attractive veins.
But if this stone is pounded, its fine grains are white and no longer blue.
Now you should know that in different countries, this rock salt has been used for different purposes because research shows that mineral rock salt has different properties.

One of the most important properties of this rock salt in the house is to clean the air in the house so that the ions in this product are able to absorb dust particles and smoke in the ambient air, which leads to cleaning the air in the house and eliminates it. It will make you feel tired.

Another factor that has made the use of decorative rock salt flourishing today is the improvement of respiratory and lung problems; Because, as mentioned, this rock salt has helped to clean the ambient air, which can improve respiratory problems.
Also, repelling waves and negative energies of the environment and people is another property of rock salt in the house. This product also reduces stress and creates a sense of calm, and thus improves the quality of sleep at night.

Blue rock salt

Blue salt rock price

per kilo of Blue rock salt 23 $

Blue Rock Salt Buying Guide

Although blue rock salt can have unique properties for humans, naturally many people now intend to buy this product.

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However, you should know that when preparing the original salt rock, it is necessary to pay attention to the buying guide of this product so that you can prepare the best type of it, because some profiteers dye ordinary fine salt granules and present it in the market.
However, you should know that the original blue salt rock is not completely blue, but it is transparent and there are traces of blue inside.

Blue rock salt

Garmsar blue rock salt has two main factors:

  • Its material is crystalline
  • After crushing, the predominant color is white

Blue salt rocks can be easily identified by experts as counterfeiters, but if you do not have expertise in this field, you can easily determine this issue by performing analysis.
Also note that this type of rock salt is found only in the mountains around Garmsar and Semnan in Iran.

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