rock salt for export

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A review of rock salt history

Salt mine is the mine from which salt is extracted. Mineral salt is usually called halite (also known as rock salt or rock salt).

Prior to the advent of modern internal combustion engines and ground equipment, mine salt extraction was one of the most expensive and dangerous operations due to the rapid dehydration caused by constant exposure to salt (dispersed both in mines and in airways).

Rock salt is abundant now, but it was difficult to reach until the Industrial Revolution, and salt was often extracted by slaves or prisoners because salt mining was so difficult that life expectancy for miners was not very likely.

Until three hundred years ago, before the industrial revolution in the world, rock salt was a very precious material, and it had to be expensive to access because it was said to be extremely difficult to extract and the only salt used by sea salt. But it is not the case now, and with advanced industrial machinery more and more salt is available, although with the advent of modern world and new technologies, the use of highly specialized rock salt, and for each area, special salt rock should be used.

rock salt for export

Iran salt mines

Iran’s rock salt, extracted from the Garmsar salt mines, is recognized as one of the best types of salt in the world.

Most of the salts found in the mines in this region are white, which is the same as all other salts in the world. However, not all white salts are of a high quality and have different grades.

But in general, due to the high quality of the product, salt extraction and processing facilities are located in this region and have become Iran’s rock salt pole.

rock salt for export

Iran rock salt for export

Garmsar rock salt has a variety of colors that include different categories such as:

  • red rock salt
  • orange rock salt
  • blue rock salt
  • crystal rock salt
  • white rock salt
  • black rock salt
  • edible salt

Only a few of the rock salts are extracted by the Halito rock salt company, some for the domestic market and others mostly for export.

Garmsar salt rock comes from rock salt mines. Edible salts may differ in characteristics such as geographical origin, method of preparation, natural impurities, additives, flavorings, or intended purpose (such as pickling or cooking).

rock salt for export

Edible salt rock is a kind of salt rock that has a purity above 99%, which is exactly like refined salt but with the exception that no purification operations are performed and it is quite natural.

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