Globe salt lamp

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The salt bed lamp has gained many fans today because it has therapeutic properties in addition to its decorative and aesthetic aspects. The salt bed lamp creates a feeling of relaxation in the person and ensures a peaceful sleep. Salt lamp has different prices in the market. The originality of the rock salt, the customization of the bedside lamp, the type of cut and packaging have an effect on its price.

Rock salt bed lamp balances the amount of ions in the body by removing negative ions and creating useful ions

Making a night light with rock salt

The manufacture of bed lamps with rock salt is generally done in the factory. Because the process of turning rock salt into a night lamp requires various tools and skills. For example, to place a lamp in rock salt, it is necessary to cut and pierce the rock salt. For drilling salt rock, two types of drilling drills are used, namely three-system drills and Hilti drills. Three-system drill is used for thin and small stones. Hilti drills are used to drill large and hard stones. In the next step, stepped and parallel cuts are made on the rock salt. These cuts should be regular and purposeful and evoke a certain shape. Rock salt suitable for making night lights is a rock that is not edible due to its low purity and is not suitable for industrial use.

Globe salt lamp

Properties of salt bed lamp

By removing negative ions and creating useful ions, the salt bed lamp balances the amount of ions in the body and makes a person feel relaxed. Therefore, the salt bed lamp is recommended for getting rid of anxiety and depression. The salt bed lamp can have different properties depending on the type of stone and the color it emits.

  • Pink rock salt (Himalayan): strengthens the feeling of love and interest in a person.
  • Orange rock salt: creates a sense of security and affects the nervous and digestive system.
  • Red rock salt: This color is stimulating and increases emotions in a person.

Rock salt pyramid makes people feel strong and solid and increases self-confidence

Globe salt lamp

Wholesale of Globe salt lamp

Salt stone pyramid makes people feel strong and strong, and for this reason, it reduces anxiety and increases self-confidence. At present, Halito has made it possible for buyers to sell bulk pyramids of rock salt.

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Globe salt lamp

Finally, it should be said that besides the decorative and beautifying aspects of the environment, the salt bed lamp can balance the ions of the environment and make people feel calm and positive energy.

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