industrial export rock salt

The largest supplier of industrial export rock salt in Iran, red salt rock, pink rock salt, white salt rock with a purity of more than 99% in jumbo bag packaging.

Iran industrial export rock salt

In different countries, rock salt mines are found, but depending on the number of rock salt mines in each region, the amount of salt extracted by each is different.

A review of the list of salt-producing countries shows that Iran is one of the 20 countries producing salt rock because it has rock salt mines in its various cities, but the quality and purity of salt extracted in all regions are not the same because the weather conditions Each region affects the type of rock salt there.

On the other hand, up-to-date equipment for extracting rock salt is a very decisive factor and Garmsar city located in Semnan province has two factors of quality and quantity of equipment simultaneously, so these mines supply salt inside and outside the country.

Salt extracted from Iranian mines is known in the world market as the best salt rock and due to the high purity of these salts, they are mostly used for food production.

industrial export rock salt

Export rock salt to Turkey

As one of the largest exporters of salt to various countries in the world, Halito Group is one of its target markets for exports, Turkey.

Since high-purity crystalline rock salt is found in large quantities in the tropical mines, and Turkey also lacks crystalline salt mines, the Halito Group sends large amounts of crystalline salt annually.

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Crystal rock salt is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health industries

industrial export rock salt

Export industrial rockĀ  salt to Oman

Among the Arab countries bordering Iran, Iraq is the only country that can produce a small amount of salt during the year.

Oman is one of the main importers of salt from Iran.

Oman imports only edible and industrial salt with a very high degree of purity. If the salt has a low purity, Oman will not accept it and will not be allowed to import.

industrial export rock salt

Salt export conditions

In 2018, the Netherlands was one of the world’s leading exporters of salt, with an approximate export of $ 319.93 million. In the same year, Germany was the second largest exporter of salt, with exports of US $ 245.25 million. The chart below shows the amount of salt exported by different countries:

Iran’s standards for edible salt include the following:

  • Salt (sodium chloride) must be salty, odorless, free of any foreign matter.
  • The minimum purity should be 99.2%.
  • It has a maximum of 0.16% of water-insoluble material
  • The highest humidity is 0.1%
  • The maximum amount of calcium (Ca2 +) is 0.15%
  • The maximum amount of magnesium (Mg2 +) is 0.03%
  • The maximum alkalinity based on Na2Co3 should be 0.03%.

The standards set by European countries for table salt are different from the standards in Iran. In Iran, high quality refined and iodized salt is offered in the market.

industrial export rock salt

Salt importing countries

In 2017, the world’s salt imports were about $ 3.7 billion. The table below lists the names of the ten largest countries.

USA 745 M $ 33%
Japan 286 M $ 12%
Germany 244 M $ 10.80%
Belgium 169 M $ 7.50%
South Korea 169 M $ 7.50%
China 168 M $ 7.40%
Canada 150 M $ 6.90%
UK 115 M $ 5.13%
France 98 M $ 4.30%
Norway 97 M $ 4.30%

It is interesting to know that countries such as China and the United States have a lot of potential in salt production, but they have problems in extracting rock salt, and the reason is the lack of sufficient resources for this product in that climate.

industrial export rock salt

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As the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, Halito rock salt group always prepares and prepares each order exactly according to the needs of the buyer.

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