Iranian rock salt

Supplier and exporter of Iranian rock salt, Irani Namak, pink rock salt, orange rock salt, white rock salt, red rock salt.

Supplier and exporter of Garmsar salt rock, the largest sales and export center of Garmsar salt rock, white, red, blue, orange and pink rock salt, salt rock exports to India, Iraq, Oman, Turkey and Afghanistan.

Our dear country Iran has very valuable natural resources. One of these sources is salt. It should be mentioned that Iranian salt is famous for its special and abundant properties that exist both in the sea and in mines.

In addition to their nutritional properties, these salts also have healing properties.

Iranian rock salt

Garmsar is the largest producer of mineral rock salt in Iran

For thousands of years, man has been extracting salt from the sea and mines in order to be able to use it, but due to the lack of facilities and the difficulty of extracting salt from the mines, most of the sea salt was supplied. Of sea salt.

But today, with the increasing progress of human technology, it can extract salt from mines using special devices, and in addition to its use in food and medicine, it can also use rock salt in industry.

However, due to the high cost of salt ore extraction machines, very little salt is extracted from the mountains of Iran in a modern way, and some mines still traditionally extract salt, and salt is not extracted from many mines in Iran.

One of the cities from which mineral salt is extracted in a modern way is Garmsar city located in Semnan province.

Garmsar mines have different types of rock salt, for example, black rock rock, blue rock rock, orange rock rock, red rock rock and white rock rock, each of which has its own characteristics and properties.

Iranian rock salt

Decorative salt stone production center

Garmsar rock salt is also very popular for producing bedside lamps and salt decorative items, especially in recent years, which due to scientific research have found that the presence of quality rock salt with healing properties in the home environment has very good effects on the human body.

Iranian rock salt export

For the past thirty years, they have found through numerous experiments that this salt is unique in its kind in the world. The global fame of this salt rock has attracted investors to it and various machines have been used to extract it from this mine. Their type is very advanced and various processing plants have turned Garmsar salt rock into the largest salt rock hub in Iran, where 80% of the export salt of our beloved country Iran is supplied through Garmsar rock salt.

Iranian rock salt

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Russia, India and Turkey are among the countries that buy it due to the high quality of the city’s salt.

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