Orange rock salt

Semnan Orange rock salt exporter to India, orange salt in 5 sizes, roc ksalt packing in jumbo bag, delivery to CFR Mundra and Kandla.

Exporter of orange salt from Semnan to India, monthly supply of 1500 tons of orange salt in 1 ton packages, possibility of delivery in Bandar Abbas, the door of the mine, providing the necessary license to export orange salt.

Many salts are produced from salt mines, each of which has unique properties, efficiency and characteristics. The reason for this difference is the presence of different minerals in the structure of salts. Orange rock salt is one of these types of mineral salts that we plan to get to know more about. If you want to get more information about orange salt, I suggest you stay with us until the end of the text.

What is orange salt?

Maybe many of us think that salt crystals only exist in white color. But slightly increasing and decreasing the salt composition can easily change the color of the salt from white to orange, pink, blue, etc. The combination of iron with other salt compounds affects its color change. The higher the amount of iron in rock salt, the more orange and red its crystals are.

Due to the presence of a lot of iron in the structure of orange salt rock, it has turned this edible material into a very useful and useful material. It can also be an excellent treatment for anemia. In addition, by improving blood flow, it relaxes the nervous system, treats stress and reduces body infection.

Orange rock salt

The difference between Iranian and Himalayan pink salt

Many people know pink salt as Himalayan salt. This salt got its name because it was extracted from the heart of the Himalayas. The first orange and pink salt was extracted from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. But today, in our own country, many mines extract orange, pink and red rock salt. But the Himalayan name still remains on the pink salt. Many give the product a more promotional look by registering Himalayan salt on the packaging of their pink salts. To get a better sales market.

Orange rock salt

Export of orange rock salt

Orange salt rock has a very good export market due to the properties mentioned for it and due to its rarity. In fact, this rock salt is exported to many countries in India and the Persian Gulf. The more orange this rock salt is, the higher its properties are. It also gets better sales.

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Orange rock salt supplier

Orange rock salt

In addition, orange rock salt has decorative and therapeutic aspects. Today, we see that many beautiful stone lampshades are made with this mineral. Orange salt can remove negative energy from the environment and the effect of light in the heart of the orange color of the stone has a wonderful effect.

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