Iran salt factory

Iran salt factory, salt powder, size 1.5 ml, white industrial salt manufacturer, supply iodine salt, without iodine salt, min purity is 98%.

Garmsar salt factory, powdered salt, sugar salt, oyster salt, fishing salt, cheese salt, special olive salt, all salts have a purity above 98%, monthly supply and packaging of 1500 tons.

Introduction to powder salt

Garmsar Salt Factory is one of the well-known factories in the field of salt processing in Iran. In addition to supplying the domestic needs, this factory also supports a large volume of Iran’s exports in this sector. One of the products processed in this factory is powdered salt. As the name of this salt suggests, it is completely powdery in appearance and no granulation can be seen in it. In fact, among all salts, powdered salt has the smallest size. Therefore, they have given it the name of flour salt.

Powdered salt is classified as one of the products of Garmsar Salt Factory in the industrial salt group. In fact, due to the impurity considered for this salt, it can be said that it is referred to as an industrial salt that can be seen in various industries. Therefore, by stating this point, it can be concluded that powdered salt is not a suitable salt for oral consumption.

Iran salt factory

Application of industrial salt

The industrial salts produced in the Garmsar salt factory have different types, one of which is powdered salt. All types of industrial salts are used in industries. In fact, its use can be considered as a raw material in various industries. But if we want to talk precisely about the uses of industrial salt, we can refer to the following:

  • Treatment plants for water and wastewater treatment
  • Antifreeze production factories to produce different types of antifreeze
  • Leather industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Chlorination and acidification industries
  • Paper factories

Iran salt factory

Buy from Iran salt factory

Considering that industrial salts are used in high volume in various industries, buying from the factory can be a more suitable option for industries. For example, if you go to the Garmsar salt factory to buy industrial salt, it is natural that you will get the desired product at a lower price than wholesalers.

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Iran Salt and rock salt packing factory

Iran salt factory

The reason for this issue can be the elimination of intermediaries. In fact, when you make your purchase directly from the factory, a series of costs are eliminated and thus the final cost of producing the desired product is also reduced.

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