Salt lick for cows

Salt lick for cows in cheap price from Iran, salt lick block, salt lick deer, cattle salt licks for sale, supply and export from Iran.

Wholesale sale of completely one-handed white salt rock stone, streaked white rock salt at a very cheap price, cut animal rock salt for export, 15 kg package.

The sellers are very satisfied with the wholesale sale of livestock salt rock and believe that they have been able to make a relatively good profit with the overall sale of this product. Also, by purchasing this product in bulk and in general, buyers can make economically affordable purchases. This is why most people tend to buy and sell products in general.

Salt lick for cows

Why do cows lick salt

The benefits of rock salt for livestock are numerous, which is why farmers use this product in animal feed and rations.

One of the properties of salt for animals is that it can kill germs in the stomach. Animals may eat germs with their food when they eat it. If you put salt in their diet, it can swallow it, and rock salt in animals’ stomachs can kill germs that have disrupted the digestive system.

Of course, it should be noted that eating too much salt is abnormal for animals. Every animal can eat this amount of salt, but if it is too much, it means that the animal is sick.

Salt lick for cows

Supply Salt lick for cows

The direct supply of livestock rock salt has made it possible for buyers to make economical purchases by eliminating intermediaries and brokers who increase the price of the product by handing over the product.

By buying directly, they can be exempted from paying some additional costs such as shipping costs and product storage costs in the warehouse, which is ultimately in the buyer’s interest.

Salt lick for cows

You can buy all kinds of livestock salt stones while directly contacting the Halito salt rock collection, while loading salt stones from the mine, you can receive your order all over the country.

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All rock salts are sent to the destination without any soil and for export orders, it is possible to pack in 15 kg bags and send as soon as possible. For more information, contact us.

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