Industrial salt production

Industrial salt production factory in Iran, Rock salt manufacturing, industrial salt in several sizes, in 25 and 40 kg packing.

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Since different industries are progressing day by day, and on the other hand, the competition between industries has intensified, the sale of industrial salt has become very important. On the other hand, considering the increase of profit-seeking people in this field, buying quality industrial salt has become a challenge. Before buying this salt, it is better to familiarize yourself with it completely. Unlike table salt, industrial salt does not have a high percentage of purity and is not refined, therefore it is not suitable for household use and can even cause poisoning. This salt is prepared in two forms, coarse and fine. Its large seed type is used in animal feed. The fine grain type of this salt is most widely used in various industries such as drilling, rubber making, metal making, preparation of detergents, pharmaceuticals, leather making, etc. Its types include shell salt, sugar salt and fishing salt.

Iran industrial salt factory

Garmsar mine is one of the richest mines in the production of high quality industrial salt. Garmsar salt factory is one of the most famous factories due to the different purity percentage of salts and the favorable quality it has. With access to this mine and having the necessary devices and tools, Halito Group sells industrial salt with the best quality.

Industrial salt production

How to extract and pound rock salt

In general, rock salt is prepared from various mines such as Garmsar mine. Then, using special machines in factories, it is crushed and turned into grains of different sizes. Rock salt extraction methods include several methods of rock salt extraction, vacuum, evaporation, open, tunnel and hydraulic fracturing. In fact, rock salt is passed through a net after being extracted and passed through a crushing and crushing salt machine and is delivered in different sizes. Depending on the type of salt consumption, different sizes are used. For example, the grain size of sugar salt is different from table salt.

Industrial salt production

Industrial salt production

Due to the increase of industrial salt sellers, buying this salt is very difficult. Since this type of salt is an important ingredient in various industries, it must be of good quality. Halito collection, with its brilliant history and access to 2 mines and 4 factories, is the best choice for buying this salt.

Industrial salt production

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