Iran rock salt

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Buy export rock salt at the best price in the market, red and orange rock salt for export, white edible rock salt with special packaging, loading, packing and exporting all kinds of salt rock with pure purity in Garmsar and Tehran.

Purchasing rock salt at the best price in the market is done by all customers because after quality, reasonable price is an important and necessary thing to buy any product. Rock salt are the shining crystals of salt that are glued together, and in the world of energy healing, the reflection of sunlight on it causes all the negative energy around you to disappear and you to feel relaxed.

Iran rock salt

What are the characteristics of high quality rock salt?

Quality salt rock should have the following characteristics:

  • Its crystals are shining.
  • Made with special care and elegance to increase its beauty.

Due to its high therapeutic benefits, rock salt has increased the purchase of rock salts. For example, it has 84 important elements, which can be referred to as calcium magnesium. In addition, its consumption can stimulate the body’s metabolism. It eliminates the respiratory tract and relieves bronchitis, which is why salt stones are used in the manufacture of respiratory drugs to improve and strengthen the mood.

Using this stone at home helps to calm the body and mind, helps to increase its circulation, which helps to improve the body’s oxygen supply and prevent various cancers. It helps to strengthen digestion and improve constipation. Improves intestinal function and reduces the acidity of gastrointestinal juice, helps reduce inflammation in the respiratory system and improves asthma. If you consume rock salt with water, you can help reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This can be great for heart health.

Iran rock salt

Export of rock salt with packaging

Salt ore is exported from Iran to various countries, the most important of which are Oman, Iraq, UAE, Georgia, India, Turkey and Russia.

Of course, it should be noted that the type of rock salt exported to each country is different from other countries, and on the other hand, the type of packaging is very different.

The type of transportation of goods to the destination is another very effective factor in the pricing of export rock salt.

Halito Saltstone Complex is the largest supplier of rock salt in Iran, which exports a variety of rock salt products to various countries, so to get more information in this regard and place an order, just contact us and have your order delivered in the destination country. .

Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt manufacturer

Changes in exchange rates and inflation have a direct impact on the daily price of rock salt in Tehran. Of course, quality, type of purchase, brand type and supply and demand are also important factors in price. The price of high quality salt is always fluctuating when buying rock salt in addition On the price, you should also pay attention to the following points:

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Iran rock salt supplier

  • If there are red streaks on the rock salt, it indicates the presence of iron in it.
  • The presence of yellow and orange streaks can be due to the presence of manganese.
  • The best rock salt should have clear crystals.
  • Using rock salt in the house can help purify the indoor air because it absorbs dust due to its ions.

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