Iran rock Salt lamp

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How to cut rock salt

Due to the public’s awareness of the healing properties of rock salt, its use at home has received much attention.

In general, rock salt can help reduce stress, reduce allergies and allergies, increase the capacity of six, strengthen the immune system and reduce pollution in the environment.

If you have a large piece of rock salt and do not want to use it all at once, it is better to divide it into smaller pieces with a milling machine and to do this, be sure to use gloves and goggles.

To cut very large pieces that weigh more than 1 ton, you have to get help from the stonemasons, and of course you should know that not every stonemason is willing to do this because the salt will eventually bite the blade of the device.

If your parts are small and less than 300 kg, the peak will be used naturally and it will be easier to use the peak and it will be easier to prepare and in the meantime you can get help from the partner workshops.

Iran rock Salt lamp

how to make salt lamp

You can easily make a beautiful bedside lamp for your home by using a piece of rock salt and take advantage of it. Follow the steps below to build:

  • First, find a can or a glass bubble to use as a base. It is also essential that it is waterproof, because rock salt naturally absorbs moisture, so it needs to be strong and waterproof. Heat and moisture resistant.
  • Then drill a hole in the metal or glass base with a drill so you can easily pass the power cord. The hole doesn’t have to be too big.
  • Then pass the wire through the hole and place the lamp screw on it with one end.
    Shape the raw rock salt well with a sandpaper and smooth to make it look beautiful. Then drill a hole in the bottom of the stone that is supposed to be on a metal or glass base the size of the lamp you have and place it on the desired base. Now you can turn on the light and use the beauty of light and its health benefits.
  • Of course, it should be noted that this method is a very simple type of rock salt bedside lamp, and much more elaborate professional samples are made.

You can also use salt bricks and glue to make a bedside table salt lamp, as you can see in the image below.

Iran rock Salt lamp

Salt ball with wooden base

The Halito Collection produces the best salt-based ornamental ball gemstones and is marketed at very exceptional prices, so that the monopoly price of the Halito Collection of the Wooden Base is as high as the wholesale price of many other manufacturers.

Extraction of rock salt from a completely dedicated mine belonging to the complex and having a special workshop for cutting salt rock has caused the Halito salt rock collection to have zero to one hundred lines of salt rock bedside light production.

Iran rock Salt lamp

Iran rock Salt lamp

The issue of exporting decorative salt rock is very difficult because it is very difficult to compete with Pakistan in the field of export, among the following reasons:

  • Presence in international markets much earlier and better than us
  • The abundance of colored rock salt
  • Extremely cheap labor

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Iran rock Salt lamp

But the Halito group offers pure Iranian art to the international market, which amazes all observers and buyers.
It is safe to say that the products of this collection are completely unique in their kind and you cannot find an example of it anywhere else.

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