Iran industrial salt

Iran industrial salt manufacturer and wholesaler, white industrial salt size .5 mm to 5 mm, in 25 kg bag packing.

Wholesale sugar salt of Semnan salt factory, sugar salt size 1 ml to 2.5 ml, 25 kg and 40 kg bags, possibility of monthly production up to 850 tons.

Familiarity with Iran industrial salt

Have you ever heard of salt? We have always used to see salt and sugar separately, but do not be surprised, salt is still the same as salt and sugar is the same as sugar. Sugar salt is a type of salt that is very similar to sugar.

The grain size of this salt is the same as the sugar grains, but slightly larger. This type of salt is very popular among all industries that use salt. This salt is used in various industries such as drilling and road construction.

Iran industrial salt

The best producer of industrial salt

Industrial salt has a different production process than table salt. In the field of refining, refining and extraction, it goes through different stages. Since the use of this salt is very important in industry, we must choose the best type of it.

It is easy to tell if a salt is good. That’s why you should look for the best industrial salt producer. Get the best sugar salt from the most reputable manufacturer.

Iran industrial salt

What is the use of industrial salt?

The salt of these fine crystalline grains, when put together, can be a cane in the hands of industrialists. Industrial salt or sugar salt have many uses. Some of the uses of industrial salt are as follows:

  • Used in agriculture for mud and soil compaction
  • Used in drilling especially drilling to create rigs
  • Medicinal uses in the production of capsules and saline solutions
  • Used in road construction and road construction
  • Use on icy parts of the road to prevent slipping
  • Used in the material recycling industry
  • Use in chemical acids production workshop
  • Use in poultry farms
  • Used in fisheries for disinfection
  • Used in leather making and tanning
  • Used in cheese making

Of course, it should be noted that industrial salt also has different types. Such as powdered salt, sugar salt, shell salt and fishery salt, each of which has its own applications and properties.

Iran industrial salt

Iran salt factory

If you are looking for the best, most high-quality sugar salts that are also reasonably priced, then you have chosen the right path. Put brokers and intermediaries aside and put your hand directly in the hands of the sugar salt factory.

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By buying this product in bulk, you can pay very little money and save. Do not miss this special opportunity.

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