white rock salt

Export of white rock salt to Iraq,China and Turkey in jumbo bag, red rock salt, orange and pink rock salt, capacity monthly 1250 tons.

Buy white and red rock salt with jumbo bag, export rock salt to Turkey, Iraq and India with the possibility of delivery to the border or destination country, the possibility of supplying 1000 thousand tons per month, doing all customs affairs from zero to one hundred.

white rock salt

Buy crude mineral rock salt

These days, the purchase of salt rock and people’s interest in this handicraft by the nature artist has increased. The positive benefits and uses of these products and the beauty they have, attract everyone’s eyes and hearts, but before buying rock salt, you need to have a general acquaintance with these products to be able to do what you are looking for. Buy.

Salt rock, or sodium chloride mineral, has three general categories. The first category is edible, the second category is industrial and the third category is decorative. Edible rock salt is the basic form of table salt that is mined. After extraction, these products are refined and granulated and will be ready for food consumption by adding iodine.

white rock salt

High quality white rock salt

Stop searching for high quality white rock salt. Know the source and the original manufacturer and safely get the best product. White salt rock needs two important factors in order to have good quality and maintain its mineral properties.

The first factor is the extraction of rich and quality mines in special areas of white rock salt. The second factor is the type of extraction, refining and purification that must be done with advanced facilities and under the supervision of specialized and skilled people.

We have these two factors at the highest standard level, which is why the white rock salt we deliver to you will be of the highest purity. Another positive point that you will get when buying salt rock directly from the manufacturer, is the reasonable price in part and in bulk.

white rock salt

white rock salt supplier

Have you ever seen a red rock salt? The red streaks in these stones are so beautiful and attractive that it is as if drops of angelic blood have been poured into them. Now you can buy red salt rock directly with excellent quality and guarantee the authenticity of the product.

These stones have decorative and edible properties and are used in various applications. It is interesting to know that mines of this type of rock are limited and can be found only in some areas in Iran and Pakistan. Do not waste time and order your desired product and enjoy it.

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In addition to the domestic market, red salt rock has a lot of applicants in the export market, and if you also have buyers for this product, you can safely get this product quickly and with the lowest shipping cost to customers through the Halito salt rock collection. Reach yourself.

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