Iran Industrial salt

Export Iran Industrial salt to Iraq, in 25 kg bag and in Jumbo bag as customer demand, industrial salt size .5 mm to 5 mm, Koohzarane pars bishapoor Co

Export of Garmsar industrial salt to Iraq, fine shell salt with 50 kg bag, 25 kg bag and jumbo bag, dishwasher salt, water hardening salt rock.

Industrial salt production method

Industrial salt is a salt that does not contain iodine and is less pure than table salt. The purity of industrial salt is less than 95%. Industrial salt production has a long history and one of the largest industries in the world is the salt production industry. . Join us to introduce you to the applications of industrial salt and export of industrial salt.

Industrial salt production is done in two ways. Industrial salt is either naturally derived from seawater or from sedimentary rocks on the seabed as a result of seawater evaporation. To produce industrial salt, three processes of solar, mineral and soluble mineral evaporation are used. In the industrial salt production process, after the salt rock enters the salt mill, it enters the crushing machine and after crushing, it passes through a filter or mesh.

Iran Industrial salt

Application of industrial salt in industries

Industrial salt is used in various industries. In the oil industry, industrial salt is used to strengthen rig foundations. A lot of underground salt is needed to make drilling easier. Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, use industrial salt in the production of capsules and saline solutions. Industrial salt is also used to create roads and driving safety. On the other hand, they use industrial salt to control freezing and freezing in the passages. Other applications of industrial salt include the usefulness of this type of salt in the production of glass, plastic and paint. Another application of industrial salt is in animal husbandry and poultry. Also, industrial salt is efficient and useful in the textile and weaving industry. Chopped salt is used to preserve the skin and leather in tanning. In fisheries, industrial salt is used to regulate hot and cold water for fish farming. On the other hand, this salt is also used to prevent the formation of fungi and parasites in fish. Salt is used in the food industry, especially in canning, to prevent the formation of fungi.

Iran Industrial salt

Iran Industrial salt Export

Garmsar city is one of the important mineral ores of Iran, which annually accounts for a large volume of the country’s industrial salt exports. Garmsar industrial salt is our country’s export product to Iraq, Turkey, Russia and the Persian Gulf countries. Garmsar industrial salt is usually exported in 25 to 50 kg bags. Given that we have many salt mines in the country, we can shine as the first salt supply hub in the world.

Iran Industrial salt

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Salt is exported to India, Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Oman and Afghanistan with all the necessary permits and customs formalities.

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