Iran industrial salt

Export Iran industrial salt to Afghanistan, powder salt, white rock salt, red rock salt, edible salt, in 25 kg bag packing.

Sending Semnan industrial salt to Mahirood Mil 78 market, direct sale of various types of industrial salt oysters, powder and sugar directly from the factory to Mil 78 market and export to Afghanistan.

Production of industrial salt

Industrial salt may be small, but it is an important member of industrial uses. In the drilling industry, the absence of industrial salts equals the disappearance of the industry. Salt is not always edible, salt is a gift from nature. Industrial production of salt from underground salt mines is done by fully professional equipment.

To access the best product, we must use the best industrial equipment and perform the extraction, refining and production steps completely professionally. So if you are looking for high quality industrial salt, you need to know the best manufacturer.

Iran industrial salt

Iran Industrial Salt Factory

It is a white gold salt that is found richer in some areas. Garmsar Industrial Salt Factory, like a diamond miner, produces the best type of industrial salt. If you are an industrialist and have heard about industrial salts and their sources of production, you have surely heard the name of Garmsar salt.

Different products with very high purity and low processing rate. To reduce the cost of buying industrial salt, you need to get acquainted with the best factory to get the product you want, directly from the heart of nature. Purity and processing are very important in these salts, so be careful in your choice.

Iran industrial salt

What is the difference between industrial and edible salt?

As mentioned before, not every salt is edible. The main and important difference between table salt and industrial salt is the presence of salts and substances in them. Salt is an essential food for the body because it contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and in some cases iodine and other minerals. In the process of industrial salt production in the refining stage, many of these salts and essential substances are separated from the salt. This makes this product not suitable for food. Also, the use of chemicals in the processing stage and the separation of magnesium ions from the salt makes it harmful to the body.

Iran industrial salt

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Industrial salts lose their edible properties during the processing and separation process and become merely crystals for industrial use. For example, imagine taking a motorbike and its tires from a car, which no longer has the power to move. Eating industrial salt can cause dangerous diseases and complications.

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