iran blue rock salt

Export iran blue rock salt delivered to the destination country, very rare crystal blue salt rock of Iran, for information on the purchase price of exported blue salt rock.

Familiarity with the iran blue rock salt

Semnan and Garmsar blue saltstones are among the rarest types of rock salt in the world, but unfortunately they are better known in other countries than Iran!

Blue saltstones are very popular in European countries and are exported to those countries.

The main use of blue salt in Iran is for food consumption and due to the large amount of potassium in it, its color has changed to blue.

Blue salt rock is known abroad in various names, such as blue salt, blue salt of Iran, blue salt rock, blue salt rock of Semnan.

iran blue rock salt

Benefits of Iranian blue salt

It has been said that blue rock salt is very rich in potassium and is considered a stress reliever, and in countries, especially in Europe, it is known as a natural treasure.

Of course, the medicinal properties of blue saltstone do not stop the food and edible use of this product, but to make the food menu of each restaurant more colorful, serving food with blue salt will give double value to the restaurant menu!

Here are some important properties of blue salt rock:

  • It has anti-stress properties.
  • It regulates sleep.
  • Helps digest food.
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Heart rate regulator

However, this rock salt should be consumed in the right amount and should not be consumed in excess.

iran blue rock salt

Wholesale persian blue salt

Semnan and Garmsar blue salt rocks are extracted from the mines of Semnan province and as it was said, due to the lack of familiarity in the domestic market, most of this product is usually exported.

Blue salt rock has two types of sugar and crystal, the sugar type of which is not very expensive and on the other hand does not have a high nutritional value.

Crystal blue saltstone is very limited and rare, and most of it is always supplied by the Halito Salt Collection.

iran blue rock salt

Export blue rock salt

Due to the fact that Europeans are more familiar with Iran’s blue salt rock and the desire to buy this product, it is possible to export and supply blue salt in the form of FOB or at the border or in the destination country.

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iran blue rock salt

The packages intended for this product are of the type of 15 kg packs, which will make it very easy to carry.

Contact us for more information on how to export blue rock salt.

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