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Export industrial rock salt in the fastest and cheapest way

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industrial rock salt

Export industrial rock salt in the fastest and cheapest way to India and china, pink and red and white rock salt, food grade and edible purity higher than 98 %.

What is industrial rock salt?

After extraction, salt rocks are classified according to their purity. Higher purity rocks are used for food or water purification, and low-purity rock salts are used for industrial purposes.

Of course, in addition to the purity of the rock salt, its density can also be decisive. For example, rock salt, which is called ice and has a high density, is suitable for cutting, and sugary rock salts are more suitable for beating.

industrial rock salt

Salt importing countries

Among the largest exporters of salt in the world, the United States and China have always been ranked first and second, but it is interesting to note that the two countries are ranked first and second in the list of largest importers.

In addition to the last two countries, Japan, Germany and Belgium are also the largest importers of rock salt in the world.

Unfortunately, the world’s largest salt rock market is dominated by Pakistan, which has been able to gain international market share with the support of the public sector.

On the other hand, the abundant extraction of pink rock salt, which originated in the Himalayas, has contributed greatly.

Although we are in a much higher position in terms of salt rock storage than Pakistan, we are somewhat behind in terms of the presence of pink rock salt due to lack of sufficient reserves.

But on the other hand, our country, Iran, is the only owner of blue rock salt in the world, and Pakistani traders are trying very hard to get ahead of us by buying this product from Iran and presenting it as a Pakistani product in this field. Halito, who has been working hard to introduce saltwater to domestic and international markets, has become increasingly difficult for Pakistani traders.

industrial rock salt

Export rock salt to Turkey

Exports are one of the areas of earning money, and of course, each country exports a portion of its surplus product based on its resources.

Iran is one of the top five countries in the world in terms of having numerous rock salt mines and on the other hand it is one of the top 5 countries in the world and has a lot to say in this field.

A large part of Iran’s rock salt is extracted from the mines of Garmsar city of Semnan province, because the numerous salt mines and the establishment of salt mining and drilling equipment have led to the prosperity of this business in this region.

Turkey is one of Iran’s neighbors that has a common land border with our country, and countries with a common land border always export and import, regardless of any discussions related to sanctions and so on.

For the past 20 years, Turkey and the UAE have been the largest importers of rock salt from Iran, although demand has fallen slightly in the last three years due to stricter standards in the destination countries.

In addition to being the buyer of Iranian rock salt, Turkey is also one of the transit routes for transporting Iranian rock salt to the Caucasus countries.

industrial rock salt

Export industrial rock salt

Iran’s export of rock salt to neighboring countries is the most important destination for buyers of Iranian salt rock, because sending rock salt to distant countries is not very cost-effective due to the high cost of transportation.

The packaging of rock salt, and on the other hand, the type of transportation and loading, is very different from other goods, so in this regard, the loading must be done by companies that have a history in this work.

Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of Garmsar salt rock, which exports its products to more than 10 countries.

industrial rock salt

Halito Industrial Salt Factory

Halito Industrial Salt Factory, located in Garmsar, has provided conditions that can easily provide unrefined industrial salt for domestic consumers and foreign buyers.

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industrial rock salt

In addition to the exemplary quality of the factory’s salt, the granulation of industrial salts in 5 different and accurate sizes, which are based on the needs of the buyer, has made the subject of industrial salt a completely specialized matter.


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Collection rock salt invite you for buy the best product Types of rock salt

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