Iran pink salt

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Properties of pink salt for thyroid

The purchase of pink salt has increased significantly in recent years. This increase in demand is due to the unique properties of this salt. In fact, experts have proven that the use of pink salt can be effective in controlling and treating many diseases. One of these diseases is thyroid disease. Thyroid disease is caused by disturbances in the functioning of the body’s immune system with the thyroid gland. In other words, when the thyroid gland cannot secrete enough hormones, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism occurs.

Pink salt is one of the mineral salts that contain a large amount of sodium and potassium elements. These elements can balance the production of thyroid hormones and reduce the pain caused by it. In fact, the absence of any chemicals in pink salt and its naturalness have made it known as an effective substance in strengthening the body’s functions.

 Iran pink salt

Distinguishing original pink salt from counterfeit

When buying pink salt, you should pay attention to distinguish the original salt from the fake one. Due to the lack of pink salt resources in the world and also the high demand for it, sometimes the sellers of this product try to replace the original salt with fake salt and sell the fake salt at a huge price.

To recognize this when buying pink salt

  1. You can visit the production factory, because if the seller is first-hand, he will naturally crush the pink rock salt himself.
  2. Pink rock salt will become more transparent after crushing, but non-original pink salt will have a very sharp and rich color

Iran pink salt

Purchase Iran pink salt

Today, you can buy pink salt from many centers that operate in this field. Of course, you should note that the desired sales center must be a reputable one. Because otherwise there is a possibility of any fraud.

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Iran pink salt

For example, they may provide you with fake salt instead of original salt. Also, they may abuse you regarding prices. Therefore, be very careful in choosing the right place to buy this product so that you don’t have any problems.

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