persian decor rock salt

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In addition to the many properties of rock salt in various industries such as animal husbandry and maintenance of facilities, rock salt is also very popular in some decorative and household uses. Salt rock may be used untouched and untouched in home decor, but sometimes people like it. They are used in the production of other decorative items such as candlesticks and vase bases.

persian decor rock salt

 Properties of persian decor rock salt

The use of decorative rock salt in homes has a very long history, perhaps several thousand years, and since the Chinese and Japanese used it as a bedding, experience has shown that the space adjacent to rock salt due to the negative energy absorbed by this salt. The stone has more peace.

If you choose the right type based on the goal you have to buy salt rock, you will get the most results from your purchase, let’s give an example.

Some people need a lot of concentration to do their work and the situation may develop in such a way that they can not concentrate properly. In this case, it is better to have a pyramid model rock salt by your side and you will see how after a short time. You do it with more focus and power to do everything, because the property of the pyramid is to increase power and self-confidence, and when the rock of salt appears in the form of a pyramid, it will have a tremendous effect on the viewer.

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One of the important properties of persian decor rock salt is to create a positive and calm feeling in the home.


persian decor rock salt

How to produce a decor with rock salt

If you are one of the people who make a living from handicrafts and making handicrafts, we suggest you to increase your income by preparing raw decorative rock salt and implementing some ideas, because decorative rock salt has many customers today.

How to make a decoration with salt rock is completely variable and depends on the creativity of the designer and manufacturer of decoration, but Himalayan lights are usually the best-selling decorative items that are produced with orange rock salt.

To produce this decorative device, its inside is carefully cut and emptied without damaging the wall and its shell. After this, you can make a very attractive decorative device by installing a cup in the inner part and covering the shell.

persian decor rock salt

Where to put rock salt in the house

This is a question that occupies the minds of many buyers. According to the traditional beliefs of ancient Japan and China, along with the findings of science and traditional medicine today, if you want to fully disseminate the properties of rock salt in your living environment, you should cover the four corners of a room with it. However, decorative rock salt alone may have positive properties, but if you need more of its effects, you should surround the room with it.

persian decor rock salt

How to store rock salt

As much as possible, you should avoid contact of water with salt rock, because direct contact of water with the body of your rock will damage it and in the long run may even pierce it.

So when cleaning, do not spray water and only clean your salt rock with a wet towel. Of course, Halito labeled rock salts have the ability to wash your label even under water, and there is no problem in this regard Does not exist.

Wholesale persian decor rock salt

Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of decorative salt stone in Iran and is ready to prepare and distribute a large volume of decorative salt stone for the needs of the domestic and foreign markets.

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persian decor rock salt

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