blue rock salt

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Garmsar crystal blue rock salt sales market, the possibility of sending and delivering in the destination country, the possibility of supplying up to 800 kg, the purest type of blue rock salt for export to Europe.

Blue salt rock is one of the types of rock salt that is extracted from salt rock mines. This type of stone is the only stone that is extracted only in Iran, and this has caused many countries to buy it from the Iranian market, and the foreign market is much larger than its domestic market.

blue rock salt

What is Blue Rock salt?

Blue salt rock is also one of the types of edible rock salt. This stone is blue due to the presence of many minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium, as well as weather conditions and humidity. The blue color of this stone is completely natural and after breaking it changes to white and has The dots are blue.

Unfortunately, the unnatural types of these stones are also produced by profiteers who, by adding pigment to crystals of clear salt, fill it with blue and other colors and sell it instead of the original. This must be taken into account when buying. He was careful.

In many countries, this salt is used for various purposes, but due to the scarcity and high price of these stones, general use is very low and despite its many properties, it is not produced as salt in Iran. This stone is also used as a beautiful decorative salt stone due to its colored crystals.

Of course, in some countries, due to the special minerals, these stones are used as table salt, but the price is very different.

Persian blue salt wholesale

Blue crystalline rock salt, although expensive and scarce, has always been in demand. Since only in Iran, this sample is extracted in some mines and Halito rock salt group as the largest supplier of blue salt rock in Iran, in addition to selling and supplying a large volume of blue salt rock, the possibility of delivery in the destination country. Also has.

Persian Blue salt wholesale

blue rock salt

Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of very rare rock salts in Iran and especially offers blue and crystalline rock salts.

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