persian salt lamp

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Lampshades are one of the most beautiful products that, in addition to their beauty and attractive appearance, have many uses for us. Samples made of rock salt have found many fans these days. As you know, the market for buying new rock salt lampshades in Tehran is witnessing a good flow in every way. Buying rock salt from this market has been considered as a great shopping experience due to its good prices along with other positive indicators.

persian salt lamp

How to produce salt stone lampshade in the factory

The salts that are extracted from the mines and are called rock salts are divided into three categories, each of which has a separate use for itself. Edible salt rock; Industrial rock salt and decorative rock salt. From decorative salt stones, various objects such as sculptures, bedside lamps and lampshades can be produced efficiently.

Production stages of salt rock lampshade in the factory:

  • In the first step, the salt rock extracted from the rock salt mine is loaded and sent to the relevant factories.
  • Large rock salts will be turned into rock salt sheets using tools such as peaks. These sheets are divided according to diameter. Two diameters of 5 and 15 cm are considered in this regard.
  • To produce the geometric objects of the lampshade, 15 cm sheets of salt rock are used and also the base products are obtained using 5 cm sheets.
  • Wiring and lamp installation are done.
  • If the manufacturers want, they can use decorative phenomena in the form of printing on these lampshades.
  • The product will eventually be packaged and ready to be marketed.

persian salt lamp

Daily price of new salt rock lampshade

The new salt rock lampshades are one of the most beautiful and elegant products on the market and have encouraged everyone to choose and use them. Various types of rock salt in the production of this category of decorative products, has shown special capabilities and has attracted attention.

persian salt lamp

The daily price of the new rock salt lampshade will be announced to the customers after the total price of the lampshade has been determined according to the features and capabilities of the product.

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Our persian salt lamp products

It should be noted that the price of the day, which includes the latest price, depends on the fluctuations of the supply and demand charts, as well as the methods used to buy it, and as important information before buying to the audience and opinion. will receive.

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