Persian salt lamp

Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp with wooden base, biggest supplier of salt bricks, persian blue salt supplier and miner.

Manufacturer of lighted rock salt, ball, pyramid, bowl and cube, cheap types of cheap labeled salt rock, wholesale of lighted rock salt and cylindrical and cubic cup.

Properties of rock salt lamp

Illuminated rock salt is one of the most attractive accessories made of rock salt that can be used as a bedside lamp and emit many positive waves in the environment.

Today’s human life is tied to many stressors; Machine life despite all the comfort it has provided; It has not been able to provide peace. One of the most important things that can take stress away from a person; The human soul is tied to nature.

The presence of rock salt bedside lamps can be tied to the human soul to nature and the emission of positive waves and a sharp reduction of negative waves in the environment caused by charged ions produced by various electronic and electromagnetic devices; Significantly reduce stress.

Negative ions and positive waves produced by rock salt lamps increase the secretion of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin; As a result, insomnia decreases and human peace of mind increases. Strengthening the immune system is another benefit of the presence of ions produced by luminous rock salt.

Salt rocks absorb airborne contaminants such as dust, smoke and pollutants, thereby reducing allergies. Other properties of these stones help to increase respiratory capacity, increase blood circulation and improve lung function.

Persian salt lamp

How to cut rock salt

After being transported to factories, salt rock is cut into different dimensions by industrial stone cutting machines and milling machines. Stonemasons buy these stones and design the stones in different shapes using specially designed molds and advanced cutting machines. Salt rock cutting machines are advanced with very high capabilities. So that some machines, in addition to the ability to cut stone, also have the ability to polish and transport stone.

Persian salt lamp

Wholesale persian salt lamp

Illuminated rock salt is mainly sold by many manufacturers and sales centers. People who sell decorative items; They can also buy this sample of lights and sell them as decorative lights with therapeutic properties.

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Persian salt lamp

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