crystal rock salt

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Crystal rock salt, due to its very attractive and unusual appearance, is perhaps more popular with customers than other types of rock salt. Apart from this apparent difference, but the combination of this type of salt, its properties and applications are also different, and this has attracted a certain range of customers.

How is rock salt formed?

The story of the creation of rock salt can be considered a historical story with a very long history. Thousands of years ago, while most of the land was still under water, volcanoes began to produce sodium and chlorine ions.

These two ions reacted together in water, and it was the first time that what we now call rock salt came into being. The crystalline rock salt that gained its structure gradually settled in the ancient oceans. In places that may be part of the mainland today, but in those days were under the ocean. Due to the gradual evaporation over hundreds and in some cases maybe thousands of years, what we know today as rock salt has emerged.

crystal rock salt

Healing properties of glass salt rock

Rock salt is not a crystal or glass, species or a specific chemical composition of salt but a specific form of it. Crystalline or glass salt rock is very transparent and the appearance of the crystal and the stone is such that it transmits light completely. This is due to its very high purity.

In other words, unlike other types of salt, including colored salts, crystalline rock salts do not contain impurities and are made only of sodium and chlorine ions. It seems possible to observe crystalline rock salt only if the purity can exceed 99.9%. This very high purity of this type of rock salt has made it have its own characteristics and benefits.

It is commonly used in the manufacture of various drugs; With properties such as healing, antimicrobial and antiseptic as well as soothing respiratory system.

crystal rock salt

Export of crystal rock salt

Given the natural gifts and differences that exist between different climates, the fact is that crystalline rock salt is not available in all parts of the world with the same ideal quality and purity. Therefore, many countries import it if they need it and have a potential market.

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crystal rock salt

This means that there are significant export opportunities in this sector that can be used effectively only by relying on the capacity of a reputable center. If you are interested in this, you can contact us directly.

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