persian salt lamp

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 Method of production of persian salt lamp

The production of decorative salt stones has increased in recent years, which can be due to the fact that more people are attracted to this type of decorative stones. When people’s knowledge of the properties of decorative rock salt increased; Instead of buying accessories that have only decorative properties, they decided; Buy stones in addition to the visual appeal of the environment, increase positive energy and calm in the environment.

To produce these stylish and rich decorations, raw salt stones are extracted from the heart of the mines and after initial washing, they are taken to cutting workshops. Artists use rock engraving tools and tools for cutting rock salt to produce rock salt in various forms. Using these rock salts, all kinds of decorative items such as lampshades, candlesticks, torches, vases, lamps, luminous sculptures, etc. are produced.

persian salt lamp

Properties of pyramidal salt lamp

People who know about Feng Shui, energy therapy, Reiki and yoga; They know that geometric shapes are very influential in how energy is transferred, and among these shapes, the pyramid has a special place. The structure of the pyramid represents the connection of the earth to the sky and the universe, and because of its large structure and rule; It produces more energy in its structure. If the decorative rock salt is in the shape of a pyramid; The production of negative ions increases, thus increasing its healing properties.

People who sleep hard; They can bring a restful sleep by placing a luminous pyramid of salt rock above their heads. Also, the luminous pyramid of decorative rock salt reduces the need for sleep in people and people wake up with more vitality and freshness.

A light pyramid can be placed in the room to purify the ambient air and the bedroom.

For meditation, you can use a decorative rock stone made in the shape of a pyramid; used. Through its tip, the pyramid absorbs the electromagnetic energy of the Earth and other planets and stars and transmits it to its owner; As a result, it can be used to increase concentration and increase spiritual energy in meditation.

persian salt lamp

Wholesale Persian salt lamp

Many large salt rock collections and centers sell a variety of decorative rock salts in various geometric shapes at reasonable prices. The price of decorative rock salt is determined according to the color of the rock salt, the type of rock salt, the dimensions of the rock salt, the structure and the shape of the rock salt.

persian salt lamp

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Halito Collection, which is one of the largest collections of decorative salt rock sales in the country; Sells all kinds of rock salts. To export this rock salt to different countries, commercial companies can buy raw and cut rock salts from Halito collection.

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