soap salt production

Massage and soap salt production center in Iran, manufacturer of persian salt lamps, salt bricks, grill salt block.

Massage rock salt production center in the form of balls and soap, very reasonable price, all balls and soaps are made of edible rock salt and have the highest degree of effectiveness, call for mass ordering of massage rock balls.

What is a massage rock salt?

Are you aware of the unique properties of massage rock salt? Massage rock salt is usually in the form of a sphere that is used to massage the body. Rock salt contains 84 elements and mineral compounds that have been formed by deposition over many years. Salt stone massage is mentioned in books as a treatment and is known as the treatment of many diseases in Glenwood Springs, Chlorodo.

Here are some properties of massage with rock salt:

  • The rock salt gives moisture, freshness and freshness to the skin and removes the thick layers of the skin and makes the skin clear.
  • The heat and humidity of rock salt can improve inflammation of joints and muscles.
  • Dead skin layers are cleansed with this massage and these layers are prevented from deepening.
  • Massage with rock salt improves sleep at night and reduces stress, as well as lowering blood pressure.
  • Massage is usually done with a heated rock ball. By heating the rock salt, negative ions are created, which causes a deep relaxation in the person.
  • Keeps blood sugar normal.

soap salt production

How to use massage salt ball

How to work with rock salt massage is that the rock rock is heated, heating can be done, by fire or by placing the rock rock in hot water. The massage technique is Swedish and is done with a little pressure.

Applying pressure with hot rock salt releases negative ions and brings peace and comfort. Negative ions also absorb the electromagnetic waves of the environment, which in turn is effective in calming the person receiving the massage.

soap salt production

Soap salt production

Massage rock salts are spherical and ball-shaped so that they can be easily rolled on the body during the massage. These rock salts are produced in different sizes to be useful for massaging different parts of the body.

soap salt production

Halito salt rock collection is a specialized reference for the production of various types of salt rock in the country. Massage rock salt production in different sizes and in bulk is done in this center and is distributed and sold on a large scale throughout the country. We are proud that customers in all parts of the country are completely satisfied with the rock salt purchased from this center.

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