Iran salt factory

Iran powder salt production factory, capacity monthly 650 tons, in 25 kg bag, supply salt to Afghanistan, Armenia, Iraq, Azerbaijan.

Garmsar salt powder factory, crystal-free powdered salt is produced and sent to the customer’s order, packed in 25 kg and 40 kg bags, please note that packing powdered salt in a jumbo bag will cause this type of salt to harden. .

Powdered salt is the smallest salt among all types of salt and it is also called soft salt or floury salt. Powdered salts are mostly used in industries where the presence of salt crystals is harmful. This salt is used in human food, livestock and industries. Among the types of industrial salt, powdered industrial salt is the cheapest salt.

Industrial salt production method

Usually, the salts extracted from mines are in the form of very large stones. These rock salts are used in salt crushing machines for industrial use and have different names depending on the size and type of consumption. Powdered salt, sugar salt, crystal salt and oyster salt are among these items. The important point is that the purity of industrial salt is different depending on its use in different industries. In general, it can be said that the main difference between industrial salt and table salt is the lower purity, non-purification and lack of iodine, while the purity of table salt reaches 99%.

Powdered salt is the most common salt used in industries. The production of this salt is mainly done in hot and dry areas because powdered salts are dry and do not contain any moisture, they quickly absorb moisture and become lumpy. Therefore, these salts must be packed in such a way that no moisture penetrates them.

Powdered salt is the smallest salt among all types of salt and it is also called soft salt or flour salt

Iran salt factory

Application of powder salt in industries

If the powdered salt is purified after coming out of the salt crushing machine, it is used for human and animal feed. This salt is used unrefined for industrial purposes. The main use of this salt is in the preparation of grain, chicken and poultry inputs. In addition, flour salt is used in food production factories, ice and anti-freeze, fish, livestock and poultry breeding centers, acidification, treatment plants and sewage.

Iran salt factory

Purchase from Iran salt factory

In Iran, due to the existence of numerous salt mines and extraction and production technology, it is possible to sell industrial salt  in bulk. Also, the conditions for the export of industrial salt to neighboring and European countries have been prepared.

Powdered salt is used in food production factories, ice making, antifreezing, fish and livestock breeding centers

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Iran salt factory

Finally, it should be said that powdered salt is the cheapest and most common industrial salt in all kinds of countries. This salt is used in various industries such as treatment plant, recycling, chicken feed, livestock and poultry breeding. Fortunately, due to the presence of salt mines in Iran, it is possible to produce, distribute and export it.

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