Industrial Salt

Edible salt is made from sodium and chlorine and is soluble in water, and is  one of the most important salts used in the daily diet of humans. The world’s first edible, commercially available mineral, the main ingredient in long-term food preservation, was the natural flavoring until just 100 years ago. Industrial salt is salt that has a lower purity than table salt and is not iodized. In the following we will talk about  best Industrial Salt types, industrial salt price of the market in Iran.

Best Selling Industrial Salt Types

Buy and sell natural salt:

Given the above, it can be seen that the sale and purchase of natural salt in the global market is not only between salt mines and natural salt factories, but there are other factories that buy natural salt.

Natural salt can have different degrees of purity. The same degree of purity of natural salt has led to its use in various industries. Iran’s natural salt market site is a simple and easy way to buy all kinds of natural salt.

Sea salt properties Hello nature:

  • Sea salt Hello nature according to the experts of traditional medicine, cardiovascular health, stomach and digestive system, oral, dental, skin and hair …
  • Treatment of osteoporosis, diabetes, acne and acne, infections, Arthur, thyroid, etc.

The iodine in natural table salt also has a very good effect on thyroid function. While the chemical iodine has adverse effects, the chemical iodine in some industrial salts on the market is more than 20 times the body’s needs, causing problems, and if a person has high thyroid function, the chemical iodine is for him. It is a deadly poison.

Industrial Salt

Where to Buy Industrial Salt?

Industrial use of rock salt

Industrial salt is used in all industrial salt specification due to its classification. However, the type of industrial salt used depends on the size or mesh size of this salt.

The competition in the industrial salt industry is very intense and all manufacturers try to produce salt exactly according to customer requirements, which increases the production costs, but still remains a commercial requirement.

But there are also buyers who buy industrial salt at low prices, and quality is not important to them, because high-quality pure rock salt should be used in the first step to produce industrial salt. high quality, and since these stones are much more expensive, the manufacturer prefers weaker and cheaper salt stones according to the needs of the buyer.

Industrial Salt

When purchasing, always state exactly what type of need you are in and the area you want to use, as some industries require high quality industrial salt, e.g. B. for fish ponds if you use salt or rock salt. Use lime that not only does not make your fish grow, but is also lost. Because premium salt is no different from normal salt, think about your product first.

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