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Persian blue rock salt

Blue rock salt is one of the rarest rock salts in the world and that is found only in Iran.

Its stone and crystalline sample has a very high nutritional value and plays a very important role in treating depression and controlling blood pressure.

The minimum shipment of this product to the whole world is 100 kg.

Also It is possible to supply 200 kg per month.

blue rock salt
persian blue salt

persian blue salt

Iranian granulated salt is more abundant than blue crystal rock salt and has a lower price and it is possible to supply up to 1 ton of this product per month.

orange rock salt

Iranian orange rock salt is one of the rock salts that are extracted and exported by Halito Group.

This product has a purity of 98% and capacity of supply is 700 tons per month.

orange rock salt
iran pink salt

persian blue salt

Iranian pink salt rock after crushing can be supplied in the form of salt in the size of 1 to 6 mm .

This product is produced in 25 kg bags

Pink rock salt

Iranian pink rock salt with a purity of more than 98% is a very best-selling product in the domestic market, which also has many applicants in global markets.

Pink rock salt capacity  for supply is 600 tons per month.

iran pink rock salt
Red rock salt

red rock salt

Halito red rock salt has a purity of 98.5% and we export it to Turkey and Iraq in abundance.

In the domestic market of Iran, it is widely used for the production of table salt and on the other hand for the production of salt lamps products.

salt bricks

Halito rock salt group is the largest salt brick factory in Iran.

Salt bricks are used to build salt walls and treat a variety of respiratory ailments.

The most beautiful salt bricks are produced by us at a very cheap price

salt room
white rock salt

white rock salt

White rock salt is extracted in different parts of Iran, but the best type of white rock salt that is consumed orally is extracted in Garmsar city.

It is interesting to know that the highest purity of edible white rock  salt is 99.5% and is extracted by Halito Group.

It is necessary to explain that cheap white rock salt for industrial and livestock use are also provied by us at a cheap price.

persian salt lamps

Persian salt lamp has many beauties, in this regard, Halito salt lamp factory is the largest producer of salt lamps with wooden base in a variety of designs.

persian salt lamp
iran edible salt

edible refined salt

Refined edible salt with a purity of at least 99.2% in 25 kg and 7 kg packages

crushed salt

Crushed salt with different sizes (.5 mm to 5 mm) is used in many industries and due to its very high purity, it is also used orally in many countries.

industrial salt

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Halito Rock Salt Company based in Garmsar, Iran. This Company with direct access to the Garmsar Salt Mines exports the best types of rock salt to the countries.Halito Co. also manufactures and exports the most beautiful models of rock salt decorative with specialist workshops for the production of rock salt lamp.The works produced in the Hallito series are unique in their kind.Exports of persian blue salt, exports of red rock salt, exports of white rock salt , exports of crystalline rock salt, the production and export of rock salt lamp and rock salt decor of the activities of the Halito Rock Salt Company.

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